Free meditation for kids/teens to ease anxiety

We recorded another free meditation that your kids can listen to – designed to help release worrying thoughts and anxiety.

You can listen to it for free on the Insight Timer App.  It’s called THE GOLDEN CROWN meditation!  Enjoy.

(If you have any questions about teaching /kids or teens meditation – please drop us an email or message through our social media.

Listen to the free meditation for kids here >>>


More free meditations…

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Selective mutism and meditation for a teen with trauma


We interviewed one of our amazing trainers, Ruth Pringle, about her work teaching children meditation and helping adults do the same through the Connected Kids programme.

She shares an experience about a mandala meditation with a girl who was a selective mute through trauma.


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Christmas Meditation for Kids to Teens

One of our trainers, Tara , created this simple yet effective breath meditation that we can practice to keep our stress levels in check.  It helps kids who need a visual to understand what we mean by using our breath.

You can follow it with them and guide them to do to.

Simply use each number for an in or out breath (starting at 1).

So 1 = in breath and 2 = out-breath and so on.

Once they’ve done it a few times, they can also imagine the tree in their heads and imagine doing an in/out breath for each branch of the tree.



If you want to get creative, you could get them to stop at 6 and think about about having energy roots … or at the end taking the golden star on the top of the tree into their hearts.

We hope this helps bring a little bit of peace  xx

In the Christmas spirit – and our festive opening hours

Christmas Wishes

As you may know… we don’t give out Christmas cards but prefer to give to a good cause instead.kevin sinfield and rob burrows fundraising mnda

This year our hearts were touched by the 7 marathons in 7 days attempt by Kevin Sinfield, the friend of former Rugby player Rob Burrow who has been fighting MNDA.

So we’ve donated to their cause instead of cards. Perhaps you would like to do the same? Christmas Spirit >>>

**In the spirit of Christmas – wishing you (firstname) health, happiness, love and peace.**

Festive Hours for Connected Kids

We will be closing for Christmas to enjoy some time with family and friends (albeit at a socially distance!)  If you are buying a course or one of our students we just wanted to let you know.  Thank you and have a Merry Christmas! xx

Festive Hours >>>