Help your children thrive

As a parent or caregiver, we can be deeply affected if our children struggle with their mental and emotional well-being.

Whether they are anxious, stressed, struggling at school or acting out at home, you want nothing more than to provide them with a sense of calm, safety, and love.

Connected Kids can teach you the skills to support your children, or teens, to thrive.

Through our award-winning foundation course,  you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to bring more peace and calm into your family life.

We understand that every child is unique, and our course will help you develop a mindful style that matches your child’s needs, interests, and energy.


Move from curious to confident

Our foundation course is perfect for the inquisitive parent or caregiver eager to introduce mindfulness skills to children or teens in their family, yet seeking more confidence. Regardless of meditation experience, you will find this course helps you and your children with mindful skills and creative meditation practices.

The foundation specifically helps parents learn how to create meditation scripts from scratch, so you can create a mindful practice based on your child’s interests, energy and attention span.

Once you know how to create meditations, we teach you how to deliver them in a way that connects to your children with ease.

I love how much it improved my own family dynamic and the parent I am. The course has been life-changing for us.”

Meditation benefits

Children’s behaviour improves.
You will feel calmer and avoid reacting.
Develop a positive connection between you and your family.

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What does the course involve?

There are 5 modules in the Foundation course – each carefully curated to accomodate the busy parent or carer who wants to easily fit this into daily life.

Being able to adapt and shift my ideas of mindfulness and deeply reflect on my daughter’s needs has opened the planning and implementation of the session to be a more rewarding experience for both of us”

Emma, Canada


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Course structure

Module 1 – Meditation and the benefits to children
Module 2 – Easily adapting meditation into everyday life
Module 3 – Creating meditations your children will love
Module 4 – Enhance Your Practice
Module 5 – Becoming a mindful parent/carer
Online support – throughout the course

I am grateful I came across your program it is so beautiful and I can say it is not only for kids and teens it works wonders for us adults too.

Ana, Belgium 

Course accolades

National Nursery Gold award 
National Parenting (Gold) Award
Mom’s Choice Award

How much does it cost?

You can choose monthly membership access – where you’ll enjoy a free 14-day trial and only use the modules for as long as you need them and cancel at anytime: £29.99/month  Start Monthly access

Or the lifetime, certified course – and you have continuous, lifetime access to the modules, online support and receive a certificate on completion: £249.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The foundation course offers you the important skills to

  • learn more about meditation,
  • the benefits for health and wellbeing
  • and how to adapt it to children of all ages - toddlers to teens (below 18 years of age)

This course helps you to engage young people in meditation as you'll be creating meditations and meditation scripts that they enjoy.  

Certification is available if you purchase lifetime access to the foundation course (£249);    If you are looking to work professionally as a meditation teacher, you can explore our accredited professional training.

Yes this course can help.  We have many parents and carers who take the foundation course to support young people with SEN.  In the foundation course we provide an introduction to using mindful skills with SEN.   

If you purchase our foundation course you can complement your learning with our Connected Kids Book (featured) whichconnected kids book talks you through practices for teaching children with complex needs.  We cover this approach in detail in our accredited professional training.

Lifetime access allows you to gain a certification of completion and you can go at your own pace.  You'll be able to join our facebook group of members of fellow parents from around the world who have taken the course.

Monthly membership gives you a free trial and access for as long as you need it.  If you choose to upgrade to lifetime access (within 30 days of trying the monthly access) we'll offset any payments towards the upgrade.

We make the assumption that you may have any level of experience (or none) of meditation - we'll ensure that the course supports you regardless.

We automatically include this course in our professional training as it's a strong foundation stone for professional meditation teachers of all experience levels.

Our online course :

  • created by experts with over 20 years experience - develops your confidence step-by-step - teaching you innovative and effective methods that help you deliver meditations that appeal to children (and teens)
  • Minimum of 5 hours of training material - 6 CEs/12 CPD points (lifetime purchase only)
  • Access the support team -  online support available 24/7
  • Adaptive ideas and mindful tools that can support all ages (toddlers to teens)
  • Access to online community of parents/carers (lifetime purchase only)
  • Suits busy parent or carer  - flexible learning - with our self directed study modules - you can choose your own pace
  • Join other parents/carers - through our online community to exchange ideas and ask questions
  • Award-winning training - 3 awards: National Nursery Gold award, National Parenting Product award, and Mom's Choice award
  • Certificate of completion and option to upgrade to professional level (lifetime purchase only)