Mindful help for young people

Today’s world is a demanding place for children and teens.  Many feel ungrounded and may struggle with their mental and emotional well-being.

Perhaps you have tried to help your young people and met resistance? Or are you struggling to know what to do to help?

Maybe you have tried various meditation techniques with young people and had little success?

calm kids and connected kids books by lorraine e murray

At Connected Kids, we offer you the expertise guidance and accredited resources that can make a difference.

We have more than two decades of experience that we share through our published books and our certified Connected Kids programme.

Our mission is simply to help you find the right way (for you) to help your young people reduce anxiety and feel happier.

I am grateful I came across your program. It is so beautiful and I can say it is not only for kids and teens, it works wonders for us adults too.” 

Ana, Belgium

Supporting young people with mindful skills

Whether you are a parent or a professional, Connected Kids has helped thousands of adults learn the skills to share meditation with children and teens.

We pioneer a child and heart-centered approach that supports all young people worldwide – including those with special educational needs such as Autism, ADHD or trauma.


There are no words to describe how much knowledge and experience I have received since starting your course.”

Agnieska, Poland

What are the benefits of meditation for young people?

We cover this extensively in our international best selling books, in addition to our accredited courses.

We have witnessed, first hand, the transformation in young people who have learned mindful skills.

Meditation benefits

Reducing anger and helping children self-regulate.
Improving attention skills to benefit home and education.
Supporting self-esteem to help young people make informed and healthy choices.

“My child/teen could never meditate!”

Connected Kids doesn’t subscribe to teaching meditation in a traditional way.  We expand beyond this to offer a wider, creative approach to engaging your young person mindfully.

We guide you to create the style, delivery and approach that works best for your children or those that you work with.  That’s why we enjoy continued success as we witness young people finding a way to be mindful that accomodates their needs.

My son (13) is incorporating meditation into his martial arts, while my daughter (11) is incorporating breathing when playing her drum.

Haley, USA


Why Connected Kids?

Train with experienced teachers – offering skills to help children and teens with a variety of needs; from autism to trauma.
Connect to your meditation practice – our approach is more than helping children learn meditation.  Our team offer you a personal journey of discovery.
IMMA accredited training pathway – certified and international recognition to support parents to professionals.

Connected Kids is proud to be an accredited and globally recognised program which lorraine e murray - founder of connected kidsdemonstrates the quality and effectiveness of our training, empowering you to choose with confidence. The programme founder, Lorraine E Murray, is the CEO and published author of 3 books about teaching meditation and has been practising for over 30 years.  She’s also a Foster Mum and a qualified healing therapist and meditation teacher.

  • Accreditation for the online professional course – IMMA – International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance, IICT – International Institute for Complementary Therapists and BCMA – British Complementary Medicine Association.
  • Award-winning accolades for the foundation course – Nursery World (Gold Award), Mom’s Choice and the National Parenting Awards

Frequently Asked Questions

The foundation level is for beginners (parents/carers) and it assumes that you have little or no experience of meditation or teaching it to kids or teens.   At this level you learn to teach children on a personal basis (family/friends). There is a completion certificate with this level of training.

The professional course is designed to train you as a certified meditation teacher for kids and teens - including those with more complex needs (*autism, SEN, adhd and an intro to working with trauma). 

In the professional training, we automatically include the foundation stage as an extra (free) bonus to ensure that all trainee meditation teachers have the skills and experience they need. After assessment, there is an accredited certification awarded to each new Connected Kids Tutor.

The Mindful Toolkit is a good started step for those that need inspiration to add a few teaching mindful tools to your current ideas toolkit.

The Masterclass for Trauma gives current professionals (who are already working with children with trauma) advanced mindful and energy awareness skills to add to their current, professional practice. This is an optional development step for our professional Connected Kids Tutors.

*If you personally have a child with complex needs or SEN and aren't interested in professional training, we would suggest you complete the foundation course accompanied with our 2nd book - Connected Kids.

(*Estimate between 1 to 2 hours for each module)

  • The mindful toolkit has 5 modules
  • The award-winning, foundation course has 5 modules 
  • The **Accredited Professional training has 8 modules
  • The **Masterclass for Trauma has 11 modules

*It will depend on how often you repeat the audio and video practices included in each module.

**The professional course includes 3 online classes (90 minutes each) that will guide you to use some of the tools in the modules.  The Masterclass offers you the optional group sessions (45 mins) to process your learning and the choice of attending a 2-hour online workshop to learn an advanced skill.

Please note the we automatically include the foundation course modules in the professional course.

These courses have an evergreen enrollment - in other words you can begin as soon as you purchase the course and depending on the access and skills you need, you choose what's right for you. 

If you opt for lifetime purchase - you will have lifetime access to the course and can secure certification.

If you opt for the monthly membership access, you will have access to the course modules for as long as you need it - only applicable to foundation, professional and masterclass.

This is a new addition to our Connected Kids programme.  It is designed as a CPD Masterclass for our qualified Connected Kids Tutors. However we have opened it up to professionals working with trauma as it combines meditation skills with energy awareness to complement their current professional practice with children affected by trauma.

Some of our courses are offered on a monthly membership access - these are uncertified and your access is based on continued payment.

Full purchase will usually offer completion certificates or professional accredited certification.