Meditation for Kids

Help kids and teens improve mental health

If you are here, then you naturally have in interest in kids and teens learning meditation and mindfulness.

This has been a passion of ours since 2003 and we have developed a worldwide community and teaching programme to help adults train to do this.

Our personal experience of teaching kids and teens meditation, proves again and again why it’s an essential life skill for future generations.

We hope you find what you are looking for here… but please email us if you have a question.


Lorraine E Murray – Founder of Connected Kids

A few reasons why you should teach Kids Meditation…

  • help your children reduce anger and aggressionread more teaching children mindfulness - benefits of meditation button
  • helps your teens and kids study and concentrate
  • helps kids with anxiety and stress

Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training

We developed the Connected Kids™ programme to provide expert training  for parents, carers, educators and other professionals who want to teach meditation to children and teenagers.

  • We offer *workshop training in the UK (London, Edinburgh, Dorset, Nottingham, Belfast) and Ireland (Dublin).children meditating
  • Or for busy parents and professionals we have an award-winning online, interactive training programme
  • The programme founder, Lorraine E Murray, is an expert and the author of 2 published books in teaching meditation and mindful activities for kids and teens  – specialising in SEN (special educational needs) – Autism, ADHD, and those in care/with trauma.

Training options

Due to COVID-19 we are only offering our training sessions via our online programme.  We will review this by the end of July 2020

person teaching child mindfulness - meditation for kidsFoundation training (1 day or online) – ideal If you want to teach your own family meditation to help reduce anxiety and stress.  If you are a professional working with kids, this stage offers 8 CPD points.

Certified Professional Meditation Teacher training –  to become a Certified professional kids meditation teacher - training Kids and Teens Meditation Teacher -(3 day course or online) – advancing your skills to teach professionally to young people of all ages/abilities includes SEN, autism/ADD/ADHD and trauma. (18 CPD points)


Online Foundation Course >>>

Certified professional training >>>

“Thank you again for such a fantastic course, it  really was completely life changing for me and no doubt for my own children as well as others.” 

HM, Derby, Parent and Teacher


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