2024 Dates – online, group tuition

To become certified as a professional connected kids tutor, you must attend online certification classes.

The cost of attending is included in your professional training purchase if you purchased the certified level.

Please note, that you have 12 months, from purchasing the online modules to book your certification classes below.

Booking your certification classes

The sessions come in a block of 3 and are run by the founder, Lorraine E Murray.

This online booking is only for purchases made directly with Connected Kids ltd.  If you purchased from one of our trainers, please contact them directly.

Each group has a set number of dates.  If you miss a date you will need to book a catchup session (cost applies).

Once you book, you’ll be redirected to a link with prep information (which is also listed in our members area).


You will have lifetime access to the online modules, but you will need to book a refresher in order to attend the online classes and gain certification.

If your time to attend classes is likely to expire before you can attend., then book the refresher to extend your booking time by 12 months.

If your time expires and no extension is purchased, you will forfeit the opportunity to gain certification.

You can purchase an online 121 for £144 which will allow you to catch up the missed session.   You will have 6 months from the missed class date to use this option.  Otherwise you will need to purchase a full refresher

You can change your online class date provided it is no later than 7 days prior to the start date.  Use the booking confirmation to change/cancel your booking.

We do try to accommodate last minute emergencies - please ensure you contact us.  We will offer you the chance to rebook a new set of dates.

If 12 months has passed since you purchased the course and you have not booked your online classes, you will need to purchase the refresher option here.