2024 Dates – online, group tuition

To become certified as a professional connected kids tutor, you must attend online certification classes.

The cost of attending is included in your professional training purchase.  Please note, that you have 12 months, from starting the the online modules to *book your certification classes below.

Booking your certification classes

**The sessions come in a block of 3 and are run by the founder, Lorraine E Murray.

Each group has a set number of dates.  If you miss a date you will need to book a catchup session (cost applies).

Once you book, you’ll be redirected to a link with prep information (which is also listed in our members area).


*If your time expires before you book the class, you can book a 121 to extend this (fee applies).  If you contact us by email (a minimum of 2 months before the booking expiry date), we may be able to offer an extension for unforseen circumstances.  If you haven’t extended within 3 months of your expiry date you can book an online class package costing £299.

**If you have booked the course with another Connected Kids trainer, you can contact them directly for their dates.

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