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Online reading – foundation course

These are the notes for the online foundation course.  If you are on our ‘foundation for educators’ then the link to the adapted reading material will be within the study modules.

Foundation course notes


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Ready to advance your skills?

“Lorraine beautifully balances the practicalities of building a business teaching children meditation along with developing your intuitive sense so that you are able to deliver meditations that connect with the children. I am now teaching around 45 children a week in online classes and can use the skills I learned to create imaginative and engaging meditations.”

BK, United Kingdom

If you have enjoyed the foundation course and you would like to upgrade to the professional stage, we are able to support that step.

Advance skills only (£599)

If you are interested in the skills but don’t want to pursue certification, you can simply purchase the online modules.  This will give you access to 8 modules, filled with tested methods of teaching meditation and a toolbag of meditation practices to teach, plus a copy of the 2nd book, Connected Kids which helps you help your children with special educational needs.

Use the code NONCKP to choose this option and you’ll save 50%.


Professional Certification (£1199)

This step will help you to become a professional meditation teacher for young people.  You’ll have access to the professional modules and online classes to gain accredited certification.


Payment Plan option for certification

We can offer a payment plan for the professional certification course.  £199 deposit and 12 months at £99 /month.  You can choose your currency.

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