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Changing Education with Mindfulness and Meditation

I had an extraordinary trip to the States recently.

It seemed to tie in with how I feel (strongly) about teaching kids and young people meditation.

I am a passionate advocate for meditation becoming a natural part of the school day. It should be introduced into the school curriculum in the same way that we include the sciences and the arts.

When it (eventually) is introduced (hopefully in my lifetime) it will help both the stressed-out teaching staff and the overwhelmed students. Continue reading

what is a connected kid? teaching meditation and mindfulness

There’s a whole story behind the name ‘connected kids’.

Originally we had called our programme after the first book ‘Calm Kids – help children relax with mindful activities‘.    However the name didn’t sit comfortably with me.  I felt a bit ‘icky’ with the idea of adults trying to ‘calm kids’ down.   Meditation isn’t about this.  It is so much more.

Yes, ultimately we want kids to feel centered, grounded, ‘calm’ and peaceful.  But many adults (especially parents) can’t meditation_kidsimagine their kids being calm… when they are so… full of life!

Plus, some adults approach the whole idea of teaching meditation as ‘being in control’ and have a fixed idea of what kids (and teens) meditation should look like.  Not so. Continue reading

Colour Meditation for Kids and Teens – helpful tips

I was recently asked about using the colour meditation script in my Calm Kids book and the significance of the colour that children choose.

This video blog should help you understand and give you some useful tips for teaching kids using a colour meditation.

My 2nd book Connected Kids – help kids with special needs shine through mindful activities is now available in paperback .

Introductory Talk on how to teach kids meditation – Scotland

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be offering a practical talk on how to
teach kids and teens mindfulness and meditation on the following dates:

Wednesday 22nd April 2015 – Innerleithen, Scotland

The talk starts at 7.30pm and last 90 minutes.

The session will be with, Lorraine Murray, author of ‘Calm Kids’ and founder of the Connected Kids programme.

There are limited places so pre-booking is required.  However you can bring a friend for free!

The talk costs £10 per person and there will be the opportunity to purchase a signed copy of her book on the evening.

If you choose to take any of the Connected Kids training, your payment can be offset against course costs.

The talk is to help any adult interested in teaching meditation to:book-now-blue

  • understand the benefits of teaching meditation
  • hints and tips on how to teach kids/teens
  • working with special needs and autism
  • ‘ask the expert’ through the Q & A session
  • experience a taste of mindful meditation

The talk is for adults only, though teens can attend.

Useful resources for teaching kids meditation

So as you can imagine, I live and breathe anything to do with teaching kids meditation, children’s mental health and (teen’s) wellbeing. As a result, I collect a lot of information on this.

If you are on our Facebook page, Twitter or Calm Kids group on FB, then you’ll know that we have become a ‘library’ (so to speak) of useful articles and information, tips and ideas on these subjects).

So I felt it was high time to put many of them in one easy to find place.

Continue reading