Many children have suffered PTSD during the pandemic.

The headline from this article is just highlighting how important it is for us to help kids ASAP with their mental health.

I watched the ‘home truths’ tv prog on BBCiplayer last night (with footballer Ian Wright) – he grew up with violet domestic abuse as a child and the attitude in the 70’s seemed to be “kids are too young to understand” “if they don’t know, then they are ok”.

Have things changed?

What is so important is that we can start teaching children NOW how to help them process the emotional stress of lockdowns.

We can help them feel safe, grounded and let go of past events that have been debilitating for adults (never mind children who are still developing).  Here at Connected Kids we have spent the past 20 years doing this – so we know it works.

If there is one, just one thing you can do today, please start to show your children how to ground their energy with their breath and body awareness.

Use any meditation skills/tools that feel right (yoga, nature, guided meditations, crystals/stones) to help them move through one of the most demanding and terrifying periods in human history.

Don’t delay – what you teach could be a life-saving skill they’ll need in the future.

Thank you.


drawing of namaste

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For more info on how you can teach kids or teens meditation –  Connected Kids programme.

View our YouTube playlist with meditation tips for COVID-19/Lockdown trauma

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