Choose a day to be mindful – summer 2021

Summer can be stressful.  Although the change of scenery on holiday is welcome (given the year we have all had), it still causes anxiety for us and our kids.

One of our wonderful kids meditation tutors, Katie Maddocks, has produced a Mindful Summer Calendar to help you practice mindful meditation ideas to keep anxiety low.

Here are our top suggestions of how to use it (free download below).

  • Take turns  – check out the mindful activity for that day and create a meditation around it (or simply a mindful chat will do too!)
  • Miss a day? – don’t stress about it!  What’s the point of having a mindful calender that gives you anxiety!  Just decide which of the activities you all feel like doing that day and do it.
  • Choose a different mindfulness activity for each person – maybe your kids want to do the mindfulness suggestion on day 4 but you prefer day 7?  That’s okay.  Choose what feels right and let your kids do the same.
  • Keep doing the same one every day if you like it – who says you have to choose something different.  You can just tune in with your family and if there is one you really enjoyed – just repeat!

Katie (who created the calender) teaches in meditation to kids and teens in Colchester (UK) and online.  She qualified as a Connected Kids Tutor after taking our online training through the Connected Kids programme for professionals.

We hope it helps to reduce the holiday stress!

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