I listened to a webinar with Dr Temple Grandin. She’s on the autistic spectrum and has become a passionate spokesperson for kids on the spectrum.

I had a few lightbulb moments in how her observations and skills match how we teach kids meditation and mindfulness.

So I did my first YouTube livestream to share what I learned!

Hope you find it helpful.

Lorraine x

This is the book I mention in the video… ‘Calling all Minds’ by Dr Temple Grandintemple grandin calling all minds book



Meditation and mindfulness –

to help kids on the Autism Spectrum

Mindful Parenting – learn how to bring resillience, strength an calm into your parenting world.

learn how to teach kids mindfulness professionally - learn more buttonProfessional Training – to become a certified Kids Meditation Teacher

Teach Children Meditation Books – learn more read more to teach kids meditation

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