We loved this beautiful video that really helps (mindfully) explain autism.

A huge part of our programme (@ Connected Kids) is helping those we teach connect with their autistic kids… mindfully.

It’s why we don’t subscribe to a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to teaching meditation skils.

It’s why we encourage a child-centered approach and give our Connected Kids Tutors the skills to work with all levels of autism and all ages. 

Our Connected Kids Tutors are trained to tune into the needs of the child/children they work with.  Hearing what is ‘unsaid’ as well as other forms of communication the young person demonstrates through interests, colour or movement.

It’s why we see (time and time again) young people on the spectrum reduce their anxiety and stress by simply learning some simple, mindful activities that they enjoy and can easily connect with.

If you have a question about helping young people on the spectrum learn meditation, please remember you can connect with us – we have 20 years experience and we are happy to help.

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