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Meditation idea for toddlers


A simple meditation idea to teach 5-year old kids (inspired by my Goddaughter – Libby!)


How to teach kids of all ages how to meditate

If you would like to learn how to create your very own meditations for kids/teens try our Connected Kids level 1 course – online or in-class) (This is the gateway to our professional level)

Or find ideas and tips in our book Calm Kids (beginners) or Connected Kids (working with special needs/anxiety).

Meditation CDs for children/teens >>>

Tips to avoid Christmas Chaos – mindfulness for you and the kids


Please note we are now closed for the festive season till 5th January 2016, however you can still purchase CDs/books (we’ll post them out on our return) or book courses online (your payment confirms your place as space is limited). Or drop us an email for our return!

Useful resources for teaching kids meditation

So as you can imagine, I live and breathe anything to do with teaching kids meditation, children’s mental health and (teen’s) wellbeing. As a result, I collect a lot of information on this.

If you are on our Facebook page, Twitter or Calm Kids group on FB, then you’ll know that we have become a ‘library’ (so to speak) of useful articles and information, tips and ideas on these subjects).

So I felt it was high time to put many of them in one easy to find place.

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Bring a bit of peace and love into life

Enjoy our video blog and articles – full of tips and ideas (from expert, Lorraine Murray), on how to teach kids/teens meditation.

Our most recent blog…how meditation can us cope with negativity and bring peace and love into our lives [youtube http://youtu.be/C1_8RNRZiYY]

Cupcakes for Peace!

Well this made picture made me smile! 

They are Halloween ‘mummy’ cupcakes.  How creative!

However it got me thinking.  To celebrate the upcoming launch of our Calm Kids online course which helps you learn how to teach children meditation – we are announcing a cupcake competition!

If you can make a cupcake that helps us think of ‘Calm Kids’ (you can use your imagination to embrace the idea of meditation/peace etc) and then post it on to our  facebook page (Teach Children Meditation).  It will be decided by the number of likes it receives from our fans.  Prizes are decided in order of number of most likes…

First prize – a free place on our Calm Kids online course  – release date 21st October 2012.
Second prize – a copy of our Calm Kids book (paperback and signed by the author)
Third prize – a copy of either our Crystal Clear cd for kids or Chillzone for teenagers (meditation CDs for children).

You must have your entries posted on our facebook page above no later than midnight 21st October 2012 and we’ll announce the winners on 31st October 2012.

Happy baking! 🙂


(Rules – you can only post your photo once on our facebook page to qualify.  Encourage likes by sharing with friends.  Children must be involved in helping with the baking process! 🙂  Only one prize per winner.  No prizes are exchangeable for cash).


(Photo via https://www.facebook.com/autismallstars)