So as you can imagine, I live and breathe anything to do with teaching kids meditation, children’s mental health and (teen’s) wellbeing. As a result, I collect a lot of information on this.

If you are on our Facebook page, Twitter or Calm Kids group on FB, then you’ll know that we have become a ‘library’ (so to speak) of useful articles and information, tips and ideas on these subjects).

So I felt it was high time to put many of them in one easy to find place.

I already have a resources section that you can check out here, however this blog post is more up to date.

I hope you find it useful and please share with anyone who is interested in this. Thank you!

Tips and Ideas for Teaching Meditation to Kids/Teens

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Useful articles on Children’s mental health and wellbeing

Useful articles on teaching kids meditation

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_/\_ Namaste

Lorraine x

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