Niños pequeños a adolescentes: enseñar a los niños la meditación y la atención plena

Someone just emailed me with a great question which I’m sure many people think about. “just curious as to what age you think would be the earliest to teach children meditation/mindfulness and what would be the ideal age to begin?” Michelle

Meditación navideña para niños

It is the season to by jolly (so they say) but the festive period can be quite stressful for kids as well as the adults. You see kids pick up on the stress of the adults around them (parents and teachers) and it then becomes a vicious cycle… the more frustrated you get with the […]

Meditación de Acción de Gracias - Gratitud para niños y adolescentes - consejos

Como hoy es el día de acción de gracias en Estados Unidos (donde impartimos algunos de nuestros cursos), pensé que sería útil traer algunas ideas y consejos sobre cómo combinar esto con técnicas de meditación para niños y adolescentes.

Niños, estrés y meditación consciente

We usually focus on the adults when we talk about stress but research shows that children also experience stress from both external and internal factors. Pressures of technology, computer gaming, exam results, hormonal changes and changes in family settings can initiate the flight or fight response which we refer to as ‘acute stress’. The difference […]

Usar la atención plena para controlar las rabietas de los niños pequeños

Toddlers tantrums are difficult to manage as they can often go from 0 to 100 in the space of a few seconds.   This roller coaster of emotion can be difficult to manage at the best of times, never mind if you are a stressed out parent or educator. The idea that toddlers will sit […]

Creando un aula consciente en las escuelas

We have a large number of teachers on our courses and one of the things that people want to know is how to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into what is already a busy day. Here are a few tips on how to do this to help you get started. Check your energy One of the […]

Los 5 mitos de enseñar meditación a los niños ...

Enjoy our video blog and articles – full of tips and ideas (from expert, Lorraine Murray), on how to teach kids/teens meditation. Our most recent blog…dispelling some myths about teaching kids or teens meditation [youtube] Learn how to teach kids meditation (online course) Calm Kids book >>> Connected Kids book (special needs) >>> Connected […]

Necesidades especiales: enseñanza de la meditación

A quick tip on teaching meditation for additional support needs. [youtube] Learn how to teach kids meditation (online course) Calm Kids book >>> Connected kids courses worldwide >>> Tweet

Ayudar a los niños a comer de forma consciente

Some quick tips on how to help children eat mindfully – bringing meditation into to day to day activities. [youtube] Learn how to teach kids meditation (online course) Calm Kids book >>> Connected kids courses worldwide >>> Tweet