Access new podcasts and meditations

As Connected Kids has been running for 20 years, we have an extensive library of recorded meditations that we have built up over the years.

This may be of help/interest to you as one of our Connected Kids members as each meditation has a unique energy to…

…help bring grounding and balance,

strengthen intuition,

trust in the heart centre

…and healing of mind, body and spirit.

So I’ve started an option to have a monthly subscription to this library.  It will give you access to unique, inspired meditations, but at times there will be some heart-centred podcasts (click on the image on right to see current recordings).

I plan to open this to the general public, however it is heavily discounted for CK members (naturally! 🙂 )

To date there are 12 tracks which are a small sample of the library and I’ll be adding more each month (min of 2 recordings monthly).  They range from 5 to 45 mins in length.

Exclusive discount – subscription options for CK members

If you want to join, you have 2 options.

You can have a monthly subscription of £4.44 per month (RRP £8.88/month).  Or if you go for a yearly subscription it will be £44.44 (£88.88/month) (so 12 months for the cost of 10) per year

(yes I do like this number 4!)

I appreciate there are many sources of meditations and podcasts available but this steady resource will give you the option to tune in and connect with the energy of source – helping to ground, guide and balance your energy whenever you need it.  You can stop the subscription at any time (sorry no refunds).

(you can scan qmark or click the link)

Monthly subscription qr code for subs to meditations - monthly




Yearly subscription yearly subscription for CK memebrs