Un consejo rápido sobre cómo enseñar meditación para necesidades de apoyo adicionales.

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Aprenda a enseñar meditación a los niños (curso en línea)

Libro Calm Kids >>>

Cursos para niños conectados en todo el mundo >>>

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  1. I am at the beginning stages of teaching children meditation as my new career. My youngest daughter has downs syndrome and is 6 years old. While she is open to meditation it is clear that I need to figure out different techniques to connect with her better. She also has some behavioral issues with peers at school and remarkably is still well loved by most. I wanted to help out the the downs syndrome community by putting together a program to help kids like my Maia. Do you address this in your on line course? I got a bit confused on your site and I wasn’t sure if there is an online course or if you are willing to travel to teach in the U.S. I know there is a huge need for this.

    I look forward to connecting with you soon, as well as reading your book when it is released.

    Blessings & Love, Monica

    1. HI Monica

      thanks for your email and if you could email me with suggestions on how to improve our website, these are always gratefully received! I would take the online course, then get a copy of the 2nd book. This will give you the information and experience you need to start teaching your daughter. As for the USA – I am currently organising dates for 2015 to teach in Boston and California.

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