4 razones para NO enseñar a sus hijos a meditar ...

  …slightly ironic (I know!) that I say this, but listen why.  And let me know your thoughts. Thank you! Lorraine E Murray, Founder of Connected Kids (teaching children meditation) Getting started… Join our our mailing list (we’ll send you some useful information…and  no,  we  don’t spam). Take the Foundation course – to teach your […]

Crianza y educación con conciencia plena

Enjoy our video blog and articles – full of tips and ideas (from expert, Lorraine Murray), on how to teach kids/teens meditation. Our most recent blog…how meditation can help adults make mindful decisions that affect the health and wellbeing of children and teens. [youtube http://youtu.be/oVJFAqzMmII] Learn how to teach kids meditation (online course) Calm Kids […]