Exclusive for 2024…

In addition the the wide range of recorded meditations we offer in our Connected Kids Club, this year we are sharing our exclusive golden abundance meditations that work to clear unhelpful thoughts, feelings and energy blocks to being the best version of you!

You can enjoy a free trial of our meditations in our Connected Kids Club.

Try the Connected Kids Club (for all ages)

family practising meditation connected kids

It’s our meditation club for the whole family – to help you, your kids, and teens try mindful skills

  • to feel good,
  • to feel calm and
  • to feel stress-free.

Try it for free (14 days free trial on a monthly subscription or 30 days free trial on a yearly subscription).  Cancel at any time!

Once you start your trial, you’ll receive an email with easy instructions to start listening and meditating!

Claim your free trial!  

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