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Storytelling is a wonderful way to introduce meditation to young people.

As parents, carers, or anyone looking after young people, we understand the importance of helping children find their inner calm (especially at bedtime), which is why the mindful story of Robbie and Jess can help!

The Power of Storytelling and Mindfulness

Storytelling has long been a cherished tradition, engaging the imagination and helping children stay focused. We have combined this with mindful skills to help children find their inner calm and cope with life.

Why Mindfulness Matters for Kids

Mindfulness and meditation have proven benefits for both adults and children. For our little ones, it can enhance focus, reduce anxiety, and promote emotional well-being. Introducing mindfulness through bedtime stories is a creative and enjoyable way to help children develop these essential life skills.

Robbie and Jess: A Magical Duo for Mindful Storytellinghow to teach children meditation books by lorraine e murray - calm kids, connected kids, robbie and jess

Our book, Robbie and Jess, can take your kids on a mystical journey that helps them engage with the idea of mindfulness.

We created this book for children struggling with anxiety, stress or trauma.  The main character (Robbie) is a boy with no family – in foster care who struggles to fit in… until he meets Jess.

Connected Kids Clubfamily practising meditation connected kids

The audio chapters are available through our Connected Kids club and you can enjoy a free trial!

Our Connected Kids club also hosts meditations for all ages and abilities, based on our 20+ years of teaching meditation.

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How to teach your kids meditation using the book…

  1. Listen to the recordings each day/night:  in our club all the chapters will be available to you and your family plus we’ve included some recorded meditation activities (based on the book) too.
  2. Make some time for discussion: After each story, discuss the adventures with your child. Ask them how they felt during the story and encourage them to share their thoughts.  This will help them process the feelings and thoughts they have had that day.
  3. Lead by Example: Join in on the mindfulness exercises during the storytelling. Children often learn best when they see their parents or carers actively participating. 

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