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we can’t wait to share this with you!

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with you in this online virtual classroom as we work towards completing the certification level of the Connected Kids Professional course!lorraine e murray - founder connected kids - 121 sessions

I trust that you’re enjoying the course modules, and if any questions arise during your studies, please don’t hesitate to bring them up in our virtual classroom, or simply use the ‘ask a question tab’ within the modules.

Basic Prep for all sessions 

(read this first…)

  1. Make a note of your booked session dates (they won’t be on the website forever)
  2. Check your email for the Zoom link, sent when you booked and then a reminder 2 weeks and 48 hours prior to each class.  Please note you use the same zoom link for each session so keep a note of it when you booked.
  3. Add our email (info@teachchildrenmeditation.com) to your contacts to avoid missing reminders
  4. Be ready for a 2-hour session with notes, water/tea, and minimise any disturbances (we will have a short break midway)
  5. Ensure your webcam and sound are on; wear headphones if sharing space with others to ensure confidentiality
  6. For access issues whatsapp/text 447934 256816 – we’ll check this up to 5 minutes into the session.
  7. No session recordings are available as the conversation may be sensitive/confidential
  8. Entry requirement: please complete foundation course modules before attending
  9. You must attend all 3 live sessions in order to gain access to the certification.  If you don’t attend for any reason, you will need to arrange a 121 with me on a separate time and date – the cost for this is from £144.

The prep information below is only relevant for each class – so don’t feel overwhelmed trying to do it all – one step at a time!

I’m really excited to start this part of the journey with you!


Session 1 Preparation – required

In this  CK prof prep – session 1 – there are some questions to help you prepare.  Please bring your answers to class so we can discuss.

We have a recorded an exclusive chakra meditation for our students – which you can access here – practice this at least once before the class and use the handout to reflect on your answer to bring to class.

Meditation introduction


Play meditation to prepare…



Session 2 Preparation – required

In this session we’ll be using a mandala and look at coping with challenging people from an energy perspective.

There are some questions to help you prepare.  Please bring your answers to class so we can discuss.

  • How has your awareness of the chakras/energy changed the way you teach kids meditation/practise meditation?
  • Which chakras feel most difficult to balance when teaching (and in general life)? What mindful activities have you used to assist this?
  • Have you noticed anything coming up for you as since the session – physically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually?


Mandala and challenging people

Print the mandala on this handout and bring to class along with some coloured pens/pencils (we’ll use this in class).  Also reflect on the questions about coping with challenging people.

Session 3 (final) Preparation – required

Reviewing your meditation practice

  • how has your personal meditation practice changed since taking the course? Have you changed the way you’ve been teaching kids meditation (if you are currently teaching)?

Labyrinth Meditation

For this session, we have enclosed a Labyrinth for you to print off and use with me in the live session.


Setting up your teaching practice

Complete this document in time for our session.

Follow the instructions and make a note of your fears and how strong they are.  In the session we will be practising EFT (emotional freedom technique) for your self care and to overcome self-limiting beliefs.

*You must be booked in for these sessions – please use the information in the online course modules to book for these only if you have purchased the certification course.