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The Connected Kids programme is also offered face to face, by our handpicked trainers.

Each Connected Kids Trainer has been trained by Connected Kids ltd, and brings their unique, professional experience and energy to the course.  They work independently of the organisation but uphold the same values, ethics and principles of the programme.

It was good to be reminded about how our minds and bodies affect us when in fight/flight/freeze. For me, I felt really empowered by how the course brought out my child inside and allowed her to create spaces through meditation. I was surprised how quickly I was able to lead an unscripted meditation and that probably my barriers to being able to do that fell away/didn’t inhibit me too much. I think it shows the power of meditation in action. As I’ve been more relaxed and in touch with my body and my triggers, I was able to calm my stress down. I do think that was also about being in tune with each other as a group. I was surprised how safe [the trainer] Tara, made me feel while in the group.
1 to 3 full training days (foundation/professional)
Certificate of completion/accreditation (foundation/professional)
Locations in UK/Europe
What a surprise the course was! For me, it reaffirmed the importance of offering meditation tools to children so they have an opportunity to learn calmness and presence. As [the trainer] Alice guides you through the course it’s clear that she loves what she does. I highly recommend Alice, for me it’s opened up an unknown world where I learnt how to approach meditation with a big dose of heart.

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Lorraine – program founder (online only) 

Alice – Scotland/Spain   – July and October 2024

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Ruth – Belfast 

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