Become an Accredited Meditation Teacher

If you are looking to train as a professional meditation teacher for young people we can help you realise that dream.

For the past 20 years, Connected Kids has successfully trained people to teach meditation professionally, to children and teens up to age 18.

Our training has grown internationally helping thousands of young people learn mindful skills, through our professional teachers.

We’ve helped young people reduce stress and anxiety and feel calmer, more confident and happier.  We’ve supported and championed our members to take their passion and develop a career teaching meditation.

Our programe is unique through the inclusion of mindful teaching methods that work for young people with SEN, autism, ADHD, anxiety and trauma – and our work accredited by 3 international organisations – IMMA, IICT and BCMA.

I have learned so much along the way. It has really enhanced my play therapy tool kit and totally opened up my own journey.

Shelley, USA

The kids embrace the guided meditations and visualisations. They can sit for a longer, and let go.” 

Our approach is mindfully child-centered

Our specialty is training you to work from an intuitive, child-centered connection.   This combines practical skills with the ability to tailor a meditation session to meet the needs of all young people – including those with or without trauma, care-experienced, SEN, Autism and ADHD.

Connected Kids is a special program for special people.  It’s more than a certificated course.  The Connected Kids team is dedicated to helping you with your future success as a meditation teacher so you can connect to children and teens to help them feel happy, safe and calm.

That’s why we continually create additional resources that help you develop as a meditation teacher and promote your work to those that need it.

It’s a highly skilled course that takes you on a personal development journey.

“The program is not only for you to learn to teach meditation, but it is also a personal growth opportunity”

Ana, Belgium

“Being more aware of my energy and my intentions, I work intuitively, guided by my heart, to create a space for kids to find solutions for themselves. This has been so transformative to me and the kids I have worked with.

Turn your passion into a rewarding career

On the Connected Kids program, you’ll be joining educators, psychologists, mental-health experts, yoga teachers, therapists, counselors, and social workers from around the globe who have transformed their passion into a successful career teaching meditation.

If you are new to working professionally with children, you’ll join hundreds of others who felt the call to create a successful teaching practice as a Professional Meditation Teacher to share with young people worldwide.

Working with the tools has brought about a beautiful shift in how I work with children. Previously, I worked as a psychologist, working on an intellectual level with evidence-based strategies, attempting to ‘fix’ problems. 

My approach to working with children is completely different and much more effective. The course has equipped me with the skills to work on a deeper level with kids, tuning into their energy and underlying issues using simple and effective techniques.

Anon, UK

What’s special about the Connected Kids professional program?

  • Innovative and effective methods that help you deliver meditations that work with children of all abilities – SEN, Trauma, anxiety, ADHD, Autism
  • Flexible learning – our combo of online modules and online classes gives you the flexibility to fit this into your daily life
  • Adaptive ideas and creative tools that can support all ages (toddlers to teens)
  • Access the support team –  online support available 24/7
  • Join other professional meditation teachers – through our online community to exchange ideas and ask questions
  • A practical assessment procedure – giving you the confidence and skills to teach professionally.
  • Accredited  – IICT, IMMA, BCMA

Purchase lifetime access and certification

What does the professional course look like?

There are 8 professional modules – each carefully curated to motivate and support you to accredited, professional certification – you will have *lifetime access to these.

This is an evergreen enrollment program – allowing you to start the course immediately on purchase.  You’ll have access to the modules and 12 months to book into your exclusive online classes to gain certification.

Taking part in the training was life changing for me.   Through my own journey of developing self-awareness and self-compassion, I feel empowered to help children reach this deeper level of connection with themselves, a true honour and privilege, and a complete joy to behold.”  Mary, UK 
8 self-directed study modules (approx 19 hours of study) – lifetime access
3 live, 2-hour online classes (various dates/times throughout the year)
Free bonus – foundation course – 5 modules (value £249)
24/7 online email support
Practical, confidence-building assessment
Accredited certification including 45 CPD/25 CE credits

Accredited program

IMMA (International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance)
IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists)
BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association)

Choose how you want to pay

  • *Interest free payment plan – spread the cost over 12 months – £311 deposit plus first month and then £99/month for 11 months.

Payment plan 

  • Or purchase with access to our training modules and continuous online support – £1499 lifetime cost.

Buy now!  

You can choose your currency (we cover most currencies from US $ to euros!) 


Non-certified option – £799

If you would like to explore the course modules without the certifcation, then there is an option to enroll in our Professional Meditation Teacher Course for just £799. While this course is not certified, it offers valuable insights into meditation instruction.
The non-certified option will give you access to the modules for 12 months.
Within the first month of purchase you have the opportunity to upgrade to the full certified level through special arrangement ( by paying the remaining fee of £700). Please note that this non-certified option does not include foundation modules, online class support, accreditation, cpd/ce points, assessment or certification.  Use the code NONCERT in the basket to take this option.

Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves on the extensive online support we give.  Plus you'll be given access to our exclusive online community of members who continually share tips, ideas and experiences.

Some of our members complete the course in 6 months, others take the full time available to them. 

When you activate the modules we'll give you 12 months to book in for the 3 live online classes that lead to certification.  Extensions are available if there are unforeseen circumstances.

After the final, live class. you will have 12 months to complete your practical assessment work; designed to build your confidence and mentor you through your teaching practice.  You have lifetime access to the online modules if you purchase the certified option.  

Purchase of the non-certified option gives you 12 months access to the online study modules.

  • 10 case studies (5 x group and 5 x 121 sessions),
  • 1 x audio/video recording of delivering a meditation to children,
  • a teaching meditation business essay – to give you the confidence to set up a professional practice or enhance your current practice
  • **police/PVG check
  • an online written test

**PVG/criminal record checks;  we require a copy of a basic disclosure/police check (or equivalent in your country) to confirm that you have a clear history with no criminal charges at the time your disclosure/police certificate was issued (certificate date must be valid within 18 months of completing your final live class for the Connected Kids training).

This insurance to teach as a Connected Kids Tutors along with your Professional Connected Kids Tutor certificate, will enable you to work privately with families as a Meditation Tutor and satisfy the requirements of organisations and the education sector who are seeking professional services from a Children’s Meditation Teacher.

Connected Kids is based in the UK but we have people worldwide who take our courses. We alternate our classes to accomodate this and release new dates (and times) frequently throughout the year.   You can view our current schedule here.

Once you complete the modules, online classes and have submitted (and passed) your assessment.  IMMA, BCMA and IICT have all reviewed our programme teaching and assessment procedures to accredit our program.  This allows our members to join these associations and/or secure insurance to teach meditation in over 35 countries worldwide through IICT.  This applies to the purchase of the certified option only.

The Connected Kids professional program trains you to work with young people up to 18 years of age.

Throughout the course we'll suggest different ways to adapt the mindful activities and styles to accomodate different ages - toddlers to teens.

(*Certification is only available once the payment plan is complete. If you choose to cancel before all payments received, you will lose your lifetime access to the study modules).