BCMA Accreditation of Connected Kids course

We are delighted to tell you about our new accreditation for the Connected Kids professional meditation teacher course!

While we have 20 years of experience in training adults to teach children and teens meditation and mindful skills, we want to ensure that you feel you are on the right course for you!

Connected Kids is based on the published works of Lorraine E Murray, author of ‘Calm Kids’ (for beginners) and ‘Connected Kids’ which teaches children with SEN and trauma how to practice mindful skills.

Empowering young minds with mindfulness is not just about teaching; it’s about nurturing the seeds of self-awareness and compassion. Our accreditation with BCMA reinforces our commitment to equipping aspiring meditation teachers with the tools to cultivate a more mindful and compassionate world, one child at a time.

Lorraine E. Murray, Founder of Connected Kids Course

Connected Kids course accreditation

In addition to our accreditation through IMMA (International Mindfulness Meditation Alliance) and IICT (International Insititute for Complementary Therapists), we are DELIGHTED to announce that we now have accreditation through BCMA – British Complementary Medicine Association!)

This is great news for everyone we teach who can join the BCMA after completing our *professional online training with us.

If you are ready to take the step to become a professional meditation teacher for children and teens then we can help.

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Let the Connected Kids Course help you become an amazing meditation teacher!

If you are looking to expand your skills or start a new venture as a meditation teacher, the Connected Kids Professional Course offers a comprehensive and supportive learning experience. This accredited course provides practical, professional tools and strategies that help adults to teach mindful practices and meditations to young people of all ages and abilities – toddlers to teens.

Through a combination of online modules, interactive exercises and online classes you can learn how to create practical meditation sessions for children and teens, including those with autism, adhd or SEN.


Becoming a professional meditation teacher

We want every member who joins the program to feel that they are supported every step of the way.  This is why our online program includes:

  • online expert support throughout the modules
  • live, online classes to connect with the course founder
  • free membership of an online, worldwide community of meditation teachers
  • exclusive discounts to support your personal practice and development as a meditation teacher


Would you like a course preview?

You can book in for a free call with the founder to discuss the course and preview it’s content before making a commiment.

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*The accreditation applies to our professional online course which is a combination of 3 online classes (2 hours each) and 8 professional modules.  We include our foundation course (5 modules) to assist in creating heart-centered meditation practices for children and teens).

Is Connected Kids right for you?

Perhaps start with our Foundation course  or our Connected Kids Club to give you mindful practices and a positive starting point.




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