Meditation and mindful energy awareness

to help trauma-experienced children/teens

Working with children who are trauma-experienced requires a special set of skills.

While our Connected Kids professional training can support people who want to teach meditation professionally and support anxious children, our experience helped us identify a need to introduce a mindful sensitivity to work more deeply, and gently with children affected by trauma.

Perhaps you are already working with trauma-experienced young people and are looking to advance your skills? This Masterclass of mindfulness and energy awareness can give you the skills you need to bring a mindful trauma-sensitive awareness to your work.

The course offers a combination of self-study modules and online group support to help you develop trauma-sensitive mindfulness skills, intuitive skills, and help you develop the use of healing practices into your work.

These trauma-sensitive resources can help you teach meditation and mindful energy skills to young people (under the age of 18) gently yet effectively.  

The training syllabus includes…
Exploring trauma and causes
Trauma behaviours 
Trauma-sensitive meditation practices
Safety for you and the young person
Exploring the meditation benefits for young people with trauma
Employing mindful energy awareness skills
Connecting the ‘dots’ between the energy body and trauma
Mindful self care to reduce compassion fatigue
Mindful tools for processing the journey

See full syllabus

“I loved the training. The mind-body connection was very apparent. As someone whose work has been centered around trauma for the last 3 years – I thought I knew a lot but I have so many takeaways from this course. I would recommend this to others who are looking for person-centered and trauma-sensitive training that will support their work with children and young people. “

KM – Child  Specialist 

Entry requirements

For members who have taken our Connected Kids Professional Training –  pre-requisites do not apply.

For trauma-trained professionals (eg; counsellors, social workers, psychotherapists)

  • evidence of qualification and minimum professional practice of 2 years
  • minimum of 2 years personal meditation practice 
  • 1 professional reference


Qualified meditation/yoga teachers

  • teaching meditation practice minimum of 2 years (preferably 12 months minimum of teaching young people meditation)
  • 2 professional references
  • qualification certification evidence

Evidence of certification and references are not required to start the training, but will be required before Connected Kids Ltd will release the MTEA certification.

“I have found it immensely helpful and there are so many ways it has helped me but also all the children I will work with.”

Alison Palmer – Child attachment & Child Psychology therapist 


Included in the course cost

  • 2-hour online workshop  (optional to attend)
  • 3 x monthly online group support sessions (unrecorded 45-minute sessions) 
  • Lifetime access to 11 online modules – each module is a standalone module with an intention, resources, links, practices, recordings and further reading.  

Group attendance, module and assessment completion will give you access to the MTEA certification.


This is definitely a healing and growth course as well as providing mindful trauma awareness.

MTEA participant

How much does it cost?

You have the option to purchase the course and have immediate lifetime access.  Or start a payment plan to spread the cost.  Or access the course modules for a limited time.

MTEA Certification  £1297

Full training and lifetime access to the training modules, 24 months to complete the assessment, and attend online group sessions and an (optional) 2-hour workshop – plus 24/7 email support throughout the course. Leads to full certification.

MTEA Lifetime Access


MTEA Cert Payment Plan (deposit £199 and £61/month for 18 months)

You will have full, lifetime access and gain certification provided the payment plan is complete.

MTEA Payment Plan

MTEA module access only  £697

If you are looking to advance your skills and don’t require certification, this option gives you access to the MTEA modules for 12 months.   Use the coupon code NONCERT to the basket when you select ‘MTEA Lifetime access’.

Connected Kids Professional and MTEA Combo

If you are interested in becoming an accredited meditation teacher for children and teens, there is the option to purchase a unique package that includes the accredited Connected Kids professional online course and the mindful trauma-sensitive masterclass – saving £750

Use the coupon code CKMTEA on purchase of both courses below – only applies to full course purchase for both CK professional and MTEA.

MTEA Lifetime Access

Accredited CK Certification  

To receive certification, you will be required to submit and complete your assessment work.  You will have 24 months from starting the modules to submit. 

You will have attended 3 x online group sessions (these are offered monthly at different times of day/evening) and provided certification/references as detailed above within the 24 months of starting the modules.

The assessment consists of 1 x essay,  5 x case studies, 1 x police check (valid within 24 months of starting the course) and a lesson plan using the skills from the course.  

If you are a CK professional member, you will not be required to complete the above (having provided this as part of your training) but will alternatively submit 3 reflective journal records (max of 1000 words per record) or attendance at 3 online group sessions and 1 reflective journal.  Please note that we will need to see an up to date police check if you haven't submitted this in your CK professional training. 

*special arrangements for CK trained members - If you are trained under the Connected Kids Professional program, the above attendance at group sessions are advisory but not mandatory.

You will also be eligible for a discounted rate on the MTEA course - please use the discount code CK549 (doesn't apply to payment plan)

As a Connected Kids professional, will take your assessment for this training into account therefore you will only be required to submit

3 reflective journal records (max of 1000 words per record)

or attendance at 3 online group sessions and 1 reflective journal.   

 You will also be eligible for a discounted rate on the MTEA course - please contact us for more information.  If you are a Connected Kids professional -  the assessment consists of 3 reflective journal records (max of 1000 words per record) or attendance at 3 online group sessions and 1 reflective journal.   

We do offer a non-certification discount.  This means that you have access to the online modules without receiving certification and there is no requirement to attend the online group sessions.  Use the discount code NONCERT to save £600.  This only applies to the full cost payment version.  

Within a month of starting the modules you will have the option to upgrade to the certificated version.

In order to teach meditation, you must practice it on a regular basis.  This moves your learning from academic understanding to experiential comprehension.  Plus it gives you a self-care skill if you are affected by any of the subject matter covered in the course.  If you take our Professional training combo, you will gain the meditation experience to enable you to teach it too.

No, you don't need to attend the 2-hour online workshop.  This brings another tool to your toolkit but it isn't compulsory.

Attendance at 3 group sessions is mandatory for all attendees (CK members it's only advisory to attend) to ensure they have self care support.  You can attend more if it helps you process the course and your understanding and experiences at no extra cost within 12 months of starting your modules.

Connected Kids professional training is an accredited programme that trains people to become a qualified meditation teacher for young people of all ages (toddlers to teens) and includes working with autism, adhd and SEN.

The Mindful Trauma-sensitive Energy Awareness course gives professionals working with young people with trauma, the mindful and energy skills to work more in depth with young people with trauma.

You will receive certification at the end of the course and completion of the assessment and you will be able to incorporate it into your current professional work with young people with trauma - eg you can't refer to this as being a qualified meditation teacher.