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” At school, we believe education should touch the whole child.  This includes the physical, emotional and spiritual, social and cognitive aspects of the child’s life.  We teach children quietness as a skill to reflect and recharge their inner lives.  Lorraine Murray helped us on this journey.

Sheila Laing,  Head Teacher, UK

I’m Lorraine Murray, the CEO of Connected Kids. That quote is from the first school where I tried teaching children meditation, way back in 2003.

As an adult meditation teacher, I pondered the possibility of teaching children. To my surprise, I discovered there were no courses available for teaching children meditation.

Driven by curiosity, I decided to offer my services to schools and borrowed children from friends and relatives to test my theory. The results were positive—they not only learned but enjoyed meditation.

Encouraged by this success, I developed a pilot course where I taught my adult meditation clients how to teach mindfulness to their children. This experience led to the creation of my first book, “Calm Kids,” and laid the foundation for our Connected Kids training program.

Our program is built some of the following values:

  • Empowering adults with the skills to teach meditation to young people effectively.
  • Breaking down age barriers to make mindfulness accessible to all.
  • Ensuring that disabilities like SEN, Autism, or ADHD don’t hinder children from benefiting from meditation.
  • Prioritising a child-centered and compassionate approach in all our endeavors.


Self-care Skills for young people

Through the Connected Kids program, we’ve impacted thousands of adults and children worldwide. Our aim is to equip young people with the self-care skills necessary to handle life’s challenges.

If you’re seeking a quick fix or a magic solution, you won’t find it here. Instead, you’ll embark on a journey that will bring out your talents and abilities, enabling you to guide young people toward inner calm.

In addition to the program and my initial book, I’ve authored two other books on teaching meditation to young people.

Feedback from program participants and readers indicates that their children experience:

  • Better sleep
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Enhanced focus and study skills
  • Decreased stress levels

Some children dealt with typical day-to-day issues, while others faced higher levels of anxiety or attention difficulties.

As a foster parent, I recognised the potential of connecting meditation with children in care to help them feel safer, grounded, and supported through mindful practices. Consequently, the Connected Kids program developed tools to aid children in care in learning meditation skills.

Our Connected Kids Community

We have a global community of dedicated individuals with diverse backgrounds, including therapists, caregivers, parents, mental health professionals, and educators. Like you, they aim to make a positive impact.

We strive to offer resources and training suitable for various levels of experience. Whether you’re a parent seeking simple skills to start with or aspiring to become a professional meditation teacher or enhance your current work with young people, we provide an award-winning and accredited training program.

If you’re here with us now, perhaps it’s time to join us on this journey.

Lorraine and the Connected Kids Team



We have a worldwide Connected Kids Community!

People from around the world who have joined the Connected Kids Programme – in person/online


Who are Connected Kids & Lorraine Murray?


  • Founder and CEO of Connected Kids program ™
  • Author of “Calm Kids” and 2 other books focusing on mindful activities for children
  • Experienced in aromatherapy, Reiki, meditation, and various holistic therapies
  • Foster parent since 2017, caring for 17 children


  • Awarded by ‘Mom’s Choice’, Nursery World Gold award and National Parenting Product Recognition
  • Accredited by IMMA, IICT, and BCMA

Community Connection:

  • Sponsored orphaned children through SOS Children for 20 years
  • Continue to give back to the community


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