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Explore our wide range of meditations for all ages. Whether you’re seeking peace for yourself or guiding others, find serenity in our collection.

That was lovely, Thank you. Just what I needed in between schools. Ready to go again now.

Dive into a rich collection of meditations tailored to help you recalibrate and find inner balance during life’s challenges.

Join the Connected Kids meditation club for:

  • Energy-balancing meditations for adults
  • Mindful practices and meditations for inquisitive children and teens
  • Exclusive access to our mindful storybook designed to teach anxious children mindfulness
  • Inspiring podcasts and interviews
  • Live online meditations led by expert Lorraine E Murray, offering simple yet powerful practices.

“Your voice and meditation have supported me a lot last month, they have really had a healing effect for me.

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“Thank you . The meditation was very centering.  Just what I needed as a busy parent!”