Terms and Conditions

Workshops – face to face training – booking terms

In-person training dates are offered by our Connected Kids Trainers – who work independently of Connected Kids ltd. Please refer to each individual trainer with respect to their terms for booking.

When you click on ‘connect with (name of trainer)’ you will be sending an email directly to one of the independent Connected Kids Trainers.

Connected Kids ltd takes no responsibility for the supply or content of the courses offered by other Connected Kids Trainers of the Connected Kids Programme.  Please refer to each trainer’s terms and conditions regarding your course booking.

Connected Kids Club

We offer a 14 to 30-day free trial on our connected kids club – audio and podcast subscription.  You will be charged monthly/annually after the free trial and you can cancel the subscription at any time.  No refunds are offered on payments made after the free trial.

Subscriptions to courses

Where a course is offered on a subscription basis, access to the modules is based on continual subscription.  If payments fail or are stopped, access to the course will be removed within 24 hours of subscription cancellation.

No refunds are offered on payments made after the free trial.

Special offers/bonuses

From time to time we offer discounts, bonuses and offers.  We will state the deadline of our promotions based on a UK timezone.  If the bonus relates to a free trial subscription, we will apply the bonus once the free trial is over and the first payment has been taken. If the user cancels the subscription before this, the bonus will not apply.

We do not offer cash in place of bonuses.


Following any advice from courses/books

Connected Kids Trainers are not medical practitioners.  If completing the Connected Kids course/reading the Calm Kids/Connected Kids books please ensure that you do not take your children off any medication without professional medical advice.  Nor use our suggestions as an alternative to professional medical advice.

Tutor register

Only our qualified tutors (or in-training students) can join this register.  Fees are non-refundable.  You will have lifetime presence on the register provided your details are accurate and within the guidelines of your training.

Masterclass training

Open to Connected Kids students and tutors only.  No refunds are offered on this purchase.

Contacting Connected Kids Tutors

At the time of becoming a Connected Kids tutor, we will check via disclosure/police check to ensure the tutor has no criminal convictions.  We take no responsibility for their status beyond the date of registration on our website.  Ask the Connected Kids tutor to supply you with this information if you have any concerns.

*(if we don’t receive it, just ensure you have a printscreen/copy of sending the email to us).

Connected kids ltd Complaints Procedure