I had good intentions…

I wanted to write an post about perception and how we what we see and perceive is what we experience.  It’s how our brain works and how it helps us interpret life.

If our brain is wired differently then it can be challenging to respond to life in the way we want to (until we become aware of this – aka having a meditation practice makes you aware of this!)

That’s why when I teach the Connected Kids programme, we don’t offer a quick fix idea of teaching kids meditation.  We show adults how to tune into themselves and their needs.

This ability (a life skill in my opinion) can then help them tune into the young people they hope to teach.  This (for me) is a much longer-term and heart felt approach to teaching meditation.  

It’s why I people like you how to write scripts (level 1 and the Calm Kids book) but then I ask you not to use them!  Out of the ‘head’ and into the ‘heart’ brings much more effective ‘results’ when we teach kids this way.

If you want proof – I’ll post the numerous testimonials from people who we’ve taught to teach this way.  We could also post a few comments from the kids themselves.  Trust me, I know this stuff works.

If you are interested in the ‘perception’ stuff then this article is excellent (worth a read).

If you want to know more about how children’s brains work who don’t respond to the usual punishment/reward system of parenting – this is an excellent book I’ve just finished reading. ‘The Explosive Child’ 

I had more good intentions…

I wanted to write about the importance of the breath, in every moment.  How it can be challenging to teach children about this because we are adults, and we think like adults.

We sometimes assume kids will just get it.  Instead we have to get into their shoes and imagine what they need so that we can guide them to the breath.

This graphic is a great way to show kids how the breath works.  I also talk about different approaches to the breath in my 2nd book ‘Connected Kids’ which shows you how to teach kids on the autistic spectrum or who have special needs.

I had a final intention…

I wanted to share with you my own routine.

How I keep my feet on the ground when I’m feeling spaced out or overwhelmed.  You see people think because I practise meditation that this never happens to me.  It does.  But I recognise the symptoms very, very quickly – and I act.

I take steps to get outside and walk my dog in nature.

I wear the colour red (grounding that comes via the root chakra).

I practise a grounding meditation – like the tree meditation.

I wanted to talk about how changing your posture (feet firmly on the ground) can make a huge difference to how you feel – that’s how the mountain pose in yoga works.  (For the full detail of this, see Connected Kids – the book).

You see,  if kids have ADHD/ADD they struggle to be grounded.  They need movement to help their energy settle before they can access what I call their ‘inner calm’.10_social-networks

They do have it, they just need help in finding it.  But you can’t help them find it if yours has disappeared!

So in the spirit of the festive season where we gift something to you (my lovely people who are keen to make a difference in the world and teach kids meditation) I gift you the tree meditation that comes from our Crystal Clear Meditation CD.


Just make me a promise… that you listen to this too … and hopefully do this with your kids.


Lorraine x

Ps we also have an older blog post here with how to bring meditation into Christmas…


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