Mindful Beats: For All Ages

We are proud to host not just one, but two radio shows (through KindaSound Radio)

Our radio shows not only equip stressed parents and caregivers with mindful skills but also extend a warm invitation to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, ensuring that meditation becomes an accessible and enriching experience for everyone, especially those who may feel they don’t fit in.  We interview experts who share their heart-felt experience and tips.

every 2 weeks – Wednesdays 6.30pm (BST) and replay on Thursdays 6.30pm

“F.I.N.E Parenting Show” hosted by the founder and author (of Connected Kids), Lorraine E Murray 

This unique show is tailored for stressed parents and caregivers who are navigating the challenges of helping their children with meditation. Lorraine E Murray brings her wealth of expertise to address the specific needs of parents facing the complexities of raising mindful children.

 “Meditation for Misfits,” a show hosted by Connected Kids Tutor and Trainer, Alice Chinn

Alice is on a passionate mission to extend the benefits of mindful awareness to individuals who may feel they don’t fit in. Through her radio show, she aims to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone can learn more about the practice of meditation, regardless of their background or sense of belonging.

You can listen to replays of the shows and our music selection below.  Or tune into KindaSound Radio to listen live.

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