“Meditation with Alice has helped me see that stress doesn’t define me. She’s given me simple and effective tools that leave me feeling calm,content and happy.”  Hugo,15

While falling asleep one night, a sudden desire floated upfrom within me…

I want to teach kids and teens how to meditate

So I trusted that intuitive voice and that was the start of my Connected Kids journey. The moment I started training with Lorraine Murray, I knew I’d found the meaningful direction I’d long been searching for.

And now that’s what I do: as a Connected Kids Tutor, I introduce kids and teens to the colourful world of meditation and mindfulness. And as a Connected Kids Trainer, I work with adults who want to learn to guide heart-led meditations for the young people in their life. And the benefits kids and teens reap are profound. Giving someone the gift of permanent access to their own personalised ‘first-aid mindfulness toolkit’ is nothing short of imparting life-long and life-changing skills! Every time I help a child feel truly connected, authentic and safe, it fills me with deep gratitude and joy.

I myself was once a very stressed, lost teenager with low self-esteem, so while I get so much out of working with young people from 8 right through to 18, I have a particular soft spot for the teens!

I’m also a tireless advocate for LGBTQI+ rights. I actively seek to celebrate human diversity by emphasising radical inclusion and collaboration in my work. This means I build an authentic relationship with each young person I work with. In my sessions, each young person’s fabulous uniqueness is celebrated and I strive to be inclusive at all levels.

My physical client base stretches from the peaceful hills of La Floresta, near Barcelona (where I’ve been based since 2012) all the way to Fife, Scotland (where I’m from). And if you live elsewhere, fear not, we can connect through the convenient powers of the internet. I offer all courses and sessions in both English AND Spanish! It’s an enriching experience to teach and train in my dear second language (and a world first for Connected Kids) 🙂

Be yourself. Bepresent. Be inspired. Be kind. Be happy. Be connected.

I am also a Connected Kids Trainer – offering the foundation and professional course (online or in person).

Certificate Date 07/12/2019
Email Address
Telephone Number +34 622 609 887
City Barcelona
Country Spain
Postcode / Zipcode 08750