I initially had the idea back in 2003 that we should be teaching our kids meditation and mindfulness.teaching kids meditation

Back then… there was very little in the way of resources that people could find to help them teach kids and teens mindful meditation practices.

How the landscape has changed (thank goodness!)

Today we see meditation and mindfulness being incorporated into many areas of a child’s life.  These essential life skills will help them process increasing amounts of stress that we place on their small shoulders (diet, technology, lifestyle).  I’m glad that people are waking up to the idea of teaching their kids meditation – in my view it is as important as teaching them to brush their teeth!

When I published my first book Calm Kids back in 2012 – I had the idea that I would offer a meditation cd for kids on the autistic spectrum or who have ADHD.  I talk about it in the book.  I found that we could adapt how we teach meditation to meet their needs and it was simply amazing.

I wrote a 2nd book  – Connected Kids – with more detail about mindfulness activities that people could practise with their kids.

I know it works and recently I had feedback to confirm it.

I was giving an interview for a magazine that helps parents/carers with kids who are on the spectrum and the person talked about their son.  I suggested an idea and 2 days later there was this lovely email.

“I have bought your book (the one for helping kids with special needs). I haven’t had time to read it in depth yet but have flicked through it and tried a couple of things with my son (he’s about to turn 13, has Asperger’s/ADHD and suffers from compulsive thoughts which make him very angry).

You suggested I try an amygdala hold – I did and I got the feeling that it definitely helped him. I could see him thinking, “Hmmm, this is an unusual sensation!” He slept very well and wasn’t agitated when he woke up this morning.

Of course, it’s early days as I’ve only tried these things once but I thought that I’d let you know that so far, it’s looking positive. Thanks again,” FM

So I know it works.

It prompted me to produce the meditation cd for kids on the spectrum and ADHD that I’ve talked about for (ahem) 6 years.

Well here it is.mediation cd for kids on the autistic spectrum

It takes some of the ideas that I write about in the – Connected Kids book and I’ve recorded some simple (and short) mindful activities kids to teens can try.

In my perfect world, you wouldn’t use this CD... instead you would read the book and teach your own children directly.

Or perhaps you would take one of our classes or online courses to empower you with the knowledge or skills.

Or you would hire one of our amazing Connected Kids Tutors to teach your kids (they are peace pioneers in my opinion).

However I know that some people are wary or unsure about how their kids could learn meditation.  This meditation CD is a first step… showing you how your kids can truly learn this … and it helps (you and them).

I hope it plants the seed for you both to have more peace in the future.  find meditation autism adhd

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