Books we love and why

These books have been read by us and are reviewed by the founder of Connected Kids and author, Lorraine E Murray with an insight into why they will help you enhance your meditation and teaching practice.


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Where to buy these recommended books to help you teach meditation and mindfulness


The Whole Brain Child – Dr Dan Siegel – more info >>>

The Body Keeps Score – Bessel Van Der Kolk MD – more info >>>

Into the Magic Shop – Dr James R Doty – more info >>>

The Untethered Soul  – Michael Singer – more info >>>

Wonder – R J Palacio – more info >>>

Do you want to know more about helping kids with meditation?

If you want some creative inspiration you can listen children’s meditation recordings in our  Meditation Club for kids, teens and Adults

Or browse our Connected Kids books on teaching meditation to young people.


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