Autism and additional support needs

Meditation and Mindfulness for Autism and ADHD 

teaching kids or teens with autism adhd special needs meditation and mindfulnessMindful activities are a life skill that can help children and teens manage stress – particularly if they have additional support needs. This book is ideal for educators, parents and professionals;  accessible for all levels of meditation experience.

In this sequel to  her best-selling book ‘Calm Kids’, author Lorraine Murray explains a range of methods to help you teach your child meditation using bespoke ideas and activities that accommodate their abilities and interests  – particularly if there are additional support needs for children on the autistic spectrum.

This is an excellent read with practical steps to follow (and also tips on how to advance to sensing what the child needs by having an open heart and mind rather than a strict plan to follow) – great for helping kids with special needs, as well as everyone else.”

The book  contains practical meditation and mindful tools for people to try with  children (of all ages) – on a personal or professional basis.

The book is based on the author’s research via case studies.  This enabled her to explore and test the ideas in the book to help kids with special needs reduce stress.

buy now connected kids book“I love this book. I have been teaching yoga to students with special needs for the past 10 years (self taught ). I have done 2 certificates in kids yoga but found that my knowledge surpassed a lot of people I met. Our school has taken on student wellbeing and when I found this book I was so excited. It has deepened my understanding and allowed me to pass on to the students activities that will help them regulate.
I have seen the change in many students over the past 18 months and know that I will continue to see development in all my students, even if it is minor….it is major for them.
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How Meditation can help kids with special needs

The Connected Kids book helps kids/teens  feel more grounded, use the breath to reduce stress, helps adults/carers connect to the child’s energy to support them and gives children on the spectrum, mindful skills to help them cope with life challenges. 

The book also helps you to:

  • Understand how meditation can help benefit brain development
  • Discover how mindfulness enables emotional intelligence, self regulation and can improve learning.
  • Follow practical advice on developing bespoke meditations for children with additional support needs
  • Develop a meditation ‘toolbag’ of different styles and ideas for children with different needs
  • Learn simple calming methods for you and your family
  • Read about real-life case studies demonstrating  effective ‘tried and tested’ mindful methods with children who have special needs
Having dealt with high anxiety for much of my life, I have been overjoyed to find that meditation helps me to feel safe and calm, and to think clearly to distinguish between imagined threats and real threats. It has allowed me to open myself up to new experiences and to let go of the idea that if I can’t be perfect, I shouldn’t bother to try. My oldest son has demonstrated similar qualities since he was a toddler – he has been more than a little hesitant to try new things and slow to make friends. Like any good mom, I turned to the internet for help 😉 I was lucky to find Lorraine’s first book, Calm Kids. I loved the book so much that I decided to sign up for her course to teach meditation to children. Calm Kids is a great resource, but Lorraine’s latest book, Connected Kids goes so much deeper.”

Connected Kids Book – Paperback/ebook

This book is available as a paperback or an e-book from…

This book truly is wonderful for the general population, but Lorraine’s detailed work on challenges that people with autism face and several specific balancing mindful activities make this the best book that I have seen for helping kids feel their best. For example, if a child cannot tolerate the food on his plate, she suggests practicing a gratitude meditation before eating where the caregiver and child explore the journey of the food to the plate (imagine the food growing as a plant and thanking sun, soil, water, as well as the farmer who cared for it, etc.) Kids become less afraid of unfamiliar foods and textures as they think about the effort involved in getting the food from a seed in the ground all the way to their plates – I’ve seen this work in my own home!”

Teach kids with special needs

If you would like to learn some simple skills that can help your kids using meditation and mindfulness, we offer an online and in-class training programme – for personal use or professional application.    The course includes a copy of the Connected Kids book.
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