Mindful skills to help your kids mental and emotional wellbeing

Do you worry about your kids and teens?

This is natural.

We all have an ideal view of what life should be like caring for our kids.  But parenting can leave us feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

As an adult, it’s hard to let go of trying to control everything.   But kids and teens experience many things out of their control;

  • brains developing and processing faster than the most sophisticated computer technology
  • bodies changing at a rapid pace with hormones
  • the impact of technology on this development (eg gaming/phones)
  • and the pressure of social media to be perfect and be a success!

No wonder we all struggle, sometimes.

But did you know that mindful skills can bring more peace and calm into your home?  It can help young people self regulate their behaviour or reduce anxiety as they learn to control their emotions and mental health.

Wouldn’t you like your family to have the skills that can help everyone feel happier, calmer and say bye bye to being stressed?

Creating meditations your children will love…

Thousands of parents and carers have joined the connected kids course. Many started with the view that teaching meditation is all about their child becoming calmer.

Our award-winning training programme will help you realise that it is so much more than that.  You’ll develop a deeper connection to your children with mindful skills.

“I love how much it improved my own family dynamic and the parent I am. The course has been life changing for us.” Jill

Ultimately you want to have a positive relationship with your kids, and to ensure they feel happy, safe and loved.

This forms the ethos of Connected Kids as we take a child-centered approach to teaching meditation. We’ll use our 20 years of experience, to help you develop meditations that match your kids and teens personality, interests and energy and bring a deeper connection between you.

We empower you with the skills to connect – heart to heart – with your family and develop healing meditations you will enjoy teaching and your kids and teens will love.

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What makes Connected Kids special...

create meditations for kids and teens that they will love
explore mindful ways to reduce anxiety and stress
help young people with key issues (sleep, difficulty with focus)
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You'll learn how to create meditations that suit all ages (from toddlers to teens) as you'll be creating meditation ideas and scripts that work with your children's needs.

Yes at the end of the foundation course you'll receive a completion certificate.  As there is no formal assessment in the foundation course, it is designed to help you teach informally (eg family/friends).

Absolutely.  We have many parents and carers in this position who take the foundation course.  Our professional training covers these areas in more depth.  But if you want to teach informally to family and friends, we would recommend the foundation course and reading our 2nd book 'Connected Kids' which is required reading for the professional training - this will give you the support you need for SEN/Autism/ADHD and teaching meditation.

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