I started up our facebook page ‘Teach Children Meditation Campaign’ to bring this subject to people’s attention and gather support. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that in just over a year we would have over 10,000 people liking our page. I am totally humbled by this wealth of support – thank you to each and every person who (like me) feels strongly about this subject.

I wasn’t sure what to do to celebrate the occassion, so I decided to do a special, special offer on my book ‘Calm Kids’ and the CDs for children/teenagers I have produced. So here it is. I’ll run it till the end of the month and hope you enjoy the words I share both in print form and spoken on the CD – as always they come from my heart.


Celebratory Offers

Calm Kids and Crystal Clear Meditation CD (for children ages 5 to 12)

Only £19.98 (saving 25%)

calm kids book and crystal clear meditation cd by lorraine murray

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Calm Kids and Chill Zone Meditation CD (for teenagers)

Only £15.98 (saving 15%)

calm kids book and chill zone meditation cd for teenagers

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