Release your kid’s superpower in 5 easy (mindful) steps

This simple visual can help your kids use their superpowers (aka meditation) to self-regulate!

teach meditation in 5 easy steps

Notice the body – yes tuning into feet, arms, legs… giving them a wiggle. All good for changing the focus.
Noticing sounds – noticing and naming. Taking a breath each time you notice one.
Hands on tummy – breathing into the hand, and pushing breath into hands helps send a relaxation signal to the brain
Follow ‘out’ breath – proven to initiate the ‘rest and digest’ stage so kids can come out of distress. (they can make a sound if it helps them focus on it!)
Stamping feet – (mindfully) they may do this naturally but it’s such a great grounding technique. Let them do it… join in. Feel the ground under their feet – guide them to hear the sound.

This is a small part of the ‘meditation toolkit’ we teach on the Connected Kids programme – for parents or professionals.

Hope you can try one of these with your kids. Top tip… don’t just teach your kids… join in!

For more info on our training programme –  Connected Kids programme.

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