Release your kid’s self regulation skills in 5 easy (mindful) steps

Use this easy to apply, high five visual to help children meditate!

Each of the fingers represent an opportunity to tune into one of the body senses.  Using this in day-to-day life can help children self regulate and reset their bodies if stressed.  We take our hands with us wherever we go so it’s an easy (and free) meditation tool to teach kids and young people of all ages!

high five visual for teaching meditation to kids and teens

Notice the body – tuning into feet, arms, legs… giving them a wiggle. The movement helps children hold their focus on the body.  Switiching between different parts of the body are all good for changing the focus.
Noticing sounds – noticing and naming. Taking a breath each time you notice one.  Helping young people use their environment to focus on sound can help clear the mind of worries.
Hands on tummy – breathing into the hand, and pushing breath into hands helps send a relaxation signal to the brain
Follow ‘out’ breath – this is waht we call ‘first aid’ meditation – a simple (and backed by research) way to initiate the ‘rest and digest’ stage so kids can come out of distress. (they can make a sound if it helps them focus on it!)
Stamping feet – (mindfully) they may do this naturally but it’s such a great grounding technique. Let them do it… join in. Feel the ground under their feet – guide them to hear the sound.

This is a small part of the ‘meditation toolkit’ we teach on the Connected Kids programme – for parents or professionals.  This international, accredited programme will help you get started teaching mindfulness with all ages and abilities.

Try one of these with your kids. Top tip… use this easy high five visual to help children meditate…but remember to join in!

For more info on our training programme –  Connected Kids programme.

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