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For two decades, navigating the twists and turns of my own business journey has been a profound experience. Yet, amidst the challenges and victories, some moments touch the soul. Take, for instance, the story of a freshly certified Connected Kids Meditation Tutor in the Middle East.

Working within an orphanage, they became a beacon of hope and resilience for a 13-year-old girl, imparting mindful skills that lit up her world with possibility. These moments infuse every struggle with purpose and make the journey truly meaningful.

Our tutors are trained to help children of all abilities and needs, including trauma. I hope this demonstrates the journey that helps us create powerful, mindful healing sessions for the children we connect with.

I have permission to share what happened…

Our trainee tutor taught 13-year-old ‘Zara’ (name changed to protect her identity) in 3 sessions.

In the first healing, meditation session, Zara was a little resistant. The tutor helped her connect to her breath and her body and Zara started to relax “I feel comfortable, nice feeling, maybe I will like it”. After the session Zara felt sleepy.

In the 2nd healing, meditation session, more mindful movement while connecting her to her breath. The tutor focussed on helping her gently move her body to release energy that connected to trauma. Zara felt sleepy again, wanted to cry at some moments but was quiet. She didn’t go to play afterwards (as normal) but took herself to her room and spent the time drawing. The tutor used her skills to support her through this.

In the 3rd healing, meditation session, she guided Zara to work with the energy system of the chakras to balance and release using meditation – using mindful movement and guided meditation. After this Zara told the tutor “I love it, I feel happy, my body is light, my heart feels nice.” She hugged the tutor and thanked her.

The tutor noticed the progression for Zara and gave her some home practice to help her stay connected.

Above are photos of the bracelets and necklaces she started to create after the above sessions.

Our tutor share’s her observations of Zara’s mindful journey.

Zara’s journey

“Zara came later to the orphanage. She experienced many difficult things and feelings: sadness, frustration, fear in trying to understand and cope with the new situation. She talks about her sadness.  I feel she feels lost.  She is a nice, kind girl and paints and colours in a beautiful way.

After sitting talking with Zara, and doing my (CK) heart meditation to connect to her energy, I felt my intention was to help her feel safe with her feelings and to help ground her energy and connect to the new situation and life (the orphanage); she needed to find and build internal self strength. So with her, I built a little program of daily practice.  I was with her, step by step at first, until she could do it herself.

After 3 to 4 sessions, I can see how Zara could touch her own feelings and deal with them in a better way.  She feels more safe and grounded than before and sleeps better.

Zara now shares simple mindful movement exercises with children younger than her. I knew she likes to make bracelets by beads so an idea came to me to help her use this to heal.  I encouraged her and to sell them to friends, staff etc) in the orphanage.  She is creative and doing that helps her in many ways (like feeling she can do something valuable) and I felt it grounded her and helped her heal emotions even indirectly. It seems that Zara has some strength now.  There are still many things that need deep healing, but she is on her own life journey, and she now has some key life skills.”

Becoming a Meditation Teacher  

For adults seeking to train professionally to offer meditation skills to children, the Connected Kids Professional Course offers a comprehensive and accredited learning experience. This certificated course provides professional tools and strategies to train you as a meditation teacher for children and teens.

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