Another (mindful) breadcrumb from the universe today

“Joanne was referred to therapy after her third arrest following a fight at school. Her anger was obvious from the first session, but what I did not know yet was why.”
When I read this article, it helped me understand me. My father left us when I was 5 to start another family and died because of suicide when I was 12.
It helped me to notice (and take responsibility for) the self-harming behaviours in my teens and the sense of ‘not being enough’ for many years.
It’s because I have a meditation practice that I can read this type of article and not be triggered. It’s why I am so grateful for my meditation practice. It helped me slow down, breathe, reduce chronic stress, process and reframe experiences, and make better choices.

Is meditation the answer for everyone?

I’m not saying meditation is for everyone – it’s a choice.
But if we don’t even introduce it to ourselves and the young people around us, then how can we make an informed choice?
Maybe it helps, or maybe it’s just planting a seed for our children’s future (older self) which was the case for me.
I practise meditation as it helps me stay in balance, energetically, emotionally, and mentally.
What I do know from personal experience is that it’s a powerful tool to have in your mental and emotional toolbox if you are struggling with the difficulties of childhood.
And it’s a superpower we can offer young people who have to live through life circumstances that are challenging or traumatic – with more self-compassion.

Free resource coming up in 2024…

Next year (January) we’ll give you the chance to join us on a (free) 5-step meditation challenge that supports you and your kids and teens.
It’s free and it will help you know more about practising and teaching meditation.
If you want to join us – just join our mailing list and we’ll be sending out information before the end of 2023.
Maybe these 5 steps to mindful practice will help you (and your children) make that informed choice.


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