Let’s inspire your next step

Nearly 20 years ago, I started the journey that became Connected Kids.

At times I triumphed and at other times it felt like I was going nowhere.  So when it comes to running a therapeutic, holistic business – I have been there, have the t-shirt…and I understand the challenges.

Which is why I offer 121 business (and personal) energy coaching to help our amazing Connected Kids members (like you) move from surviving to thriving.

Release your potential and thrive!

This energy coaching session will move you forward on your path… in practical steps and energetically.  It’s what I do best, combining my down-to-earth knowledge of what your business and aspirations need alongside my intuitive, energetic sense of where your energy sits and what needs to be cleared.

I offer these sessions monthly.  Each one is 1 hour with a  a little bit of prep work to focus on what really matters to you and moving your goals forward and helping your personal development.

We’ll record the session so you can relisten (and refresh) any of the unique meditations, advice or energy exercises we ask you to practice.

And I’ll send you an achievable set of ‘next steps’ so you can take that step and connect your work to the people who need your services.

If you haven’t quite qualified yet and are struggling to complete the assessment by the deadline, you can use this mentoring session to help *extend your submission time by 12 months.

Or perhaps your one of our foundation students and need some clarity about your future teaching meditation?

Ready to thrive?

Show yourself some love and organise your coaching session and thrive!

What our members say about the coaching experience...

“The session was so powerful and has really helped me.  After I have felt much more peaceful.”
“WOW! This is really fantastic, thank you so much, it really helps anchor in the knowing to another level. I deeply appreciate all of it, the session, your intuition, energy and guidance”
“I found the session to be very valuable. I liked the way the session was focused on 3 aspects and we had to think through exactly what we needed guidance with prior to the session.  I hope you can offer these sessions to others as your insight and experience is a massive support in our work”
“Following the session  the negative dialogue in my head is now challenged by a reassuring, positive voice that has woken up!! Now, if a negative thought pops up, I hear, ‘but you will be great, you can make a difference, just keep it simple and at least give it a chance’.   It is still surprising me every time it happens.”
“I have much gratitude for our time yesterday.  The meditation was beautiful, much needed, and I am literally still feeling the activations and integrations.  I can honestly say, that was the first that I experienced a heart centered connection with another practitioner. I am sure you know, one can’t energetically fake their intent. Purity and humbleness from the soul is felt when present. Confirming why I was so drawn to your course. Thank you for your work!”
“It was really helpful to connect with you! And I felt my energy shifted in a positive way and I got several very useful tips !”

*(We allow a maximum of 2 extensions before you have to take a refresher for certification – this will change to 1 from 30th September 2022.  If your time for submission has passed and no 121s have taken place – please read about other options available to you).