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At Connected Kids, our mission is simple:  we want to empower young people (and their adults) with mindful skills, and we’re here to help you, by sharing all the knowledge, wisdom, and creative ideas you need to make that happen.

Our dedicated team is here to assist you and together, make a positive impact in the world!

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Lectura conectada - libros sobre cómo iniciar y desarrollar la enseñanza de la meditación a los niños.

Altavoz conectado – invite the founder, Lorraine E Murray to speak at your summit.

Consultoría  – developing in-house training and mindfulness programmes.

Conexiones online - ¡Cursos en línea que se conectan a 20 años de experiencia!

Conexión cara a cara - formación en el Reino Unido y Europa para padres, cuidadores o profesionales

Connected Kids club – an exclusive audio club giving you access to meditations for children to adults, podcasts and webinar recordings plus interviews with meditation and parenting experts.


Meditation for Children with Autism or ADHD – part of the peaceful school project

Spread the connectioneasy-to-download mindful practices to share

‘Connect consults’ – a free chat with the founder, Lorraine E Murray, to answer your questions.

Conéctate con otros - 2000 personas inspiradoras en nuestro grupo de Facebook.

Consejos de conexión - tutoriales en vídeo que le ayudarán con consejos e ideas.

Transmisiones en vivo conectadas – with ideas for teaching in education, at home and with SEN – join the mailing list for our next webinarbenefits of meditation in the classroom poster

Free poster – download this free poster to help colleagues, parents and decision makers embrace the idea of meditation in classrooms benefits of meditation in the classroom. benefits of meditation in the classroom

coloured print hand - connected kids - teach kids meditation and mindfulness