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” “At school, we believe education should touch the whole child.  This includes the physical, emotional and spiritual, social and cognitive aspects of the child’s life.  We teach children quietness as a skill to reflect and recharge their inner lives.  Lorraine Murray nos ayudó en este viaje.

Sheila Laing,  Head Teacher, UK

My name is Lorraine Murray and I am the CEO of Connected Kids Ltd.   The quote you’ve just read was the very first school I started teaching children meditation – back in 2003.

You see… no-one seemed to be doing this, and that didn’t make sense to me.  I had practised meditation since a teen and had personally experienced the life-saving benefits of having meditation skills.   My meditations classes (with adults) were always full.  I couldn’t understand why were children missing out?

I looked around for a course I could take.  None existed.

So I started offering my services to schools to see if I could try teaching children meditation.  I ‘borrowed’ children of friends and relatives to test out my theory that children could learn (and benefit) from meditation.

I was right.  It worked.  And they loved it.

So I set up a teaching programme that would empower adults worldwide with the skills to teach young people meditation.

My passion is simple…teach one child how to reduce their anxiety (by focusing mindfully on their breath)

…or help them release worries and stress (using their imagination in a guided meditation).

Do this, and they have this skill for life. They learn self care for their mental health and they feel empowered to cope with all the challenges they will face.

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Through the Connected Kids programme, we have touched the lives of thousands of adults and their children worldwide.

Our role is to revolutionise peace.  In fact, if you come on our Connected Kids programme you will become a pioneer of peace!

If you are looking for a quick answer or a quick fix…this programme isn’t for you.  This is about an investment in your future, your child’s future and the children you work with.  This is about giving teens the skills to empower their mental health.  This is about giving young people with SEN, Autism, ADHD access to mindful activities that reduce their stress and anxiety and allow them to be the full, beautiful person they were born to be.

I’ve written 2 books about this.  I’ve witnessed the positive changes in many adults and children who join our programme.  I know it works.

He tenido la suerte de presenciar la experiencia de niños y adolescentes ...

  • dormir mejor
  • ansiedad reducida
  • autoestima mejorada
  • capacidad para concentrarse y estudiar
  • niveles reducidos de estrés

I want to make it clear that many of these children had high levels of anxiety or attention issues.  As a foster mum, some came to me with big bags of trauma. But we connected to them through meditation and we helped them feel more safe, grounded and supported through their mindful practice.  It’s why we called it ‘Connected Kids’ – connecting to breath, to each other, to the heart and to earth.

Nuestro equipo de niños conectados

We have a team of brilliant, experienced trainers in the UK, Ireland and Spain offering our Connected Kids programme.  Each of them have been through the programme but add their expertise as therapists, mental health professionals or educators.   Like you, they wanted to make a difference. Wondering if meditation would really help their children.connected kids trainers

They’ve shared meditation skills with kids, and witnessed it working.

They have many practical experiences to share and they are literally handpicked for the role of teaching you.

Given the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19, we have switched many of our training dates to online sessions.  We’ve always offered the course as a self-study online option – but now we have live, online sessions too.  We are starting to offer face to face training in 2021 as the world opens back up.

We hope you can join us on this incredible journey of discovery – for you and your children.

Lorraine and the Connected Kids team x


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Our vision for the mindful revolution

Teaching meditation to kids has to be an intuitive and heartfelt experience.  No meditation scripts, no limiting structure,kids looking down into the camera - peaking through their eyesbut a heart-centered plan that meets children where they are.  A compassionate approach to empowering young people with mindful skills that will support them through life.  A ‘toolbox’ of mindful activities that a Connected Kids teacher (or carer) can pick up and intuitvely choose – adapting a meditation to connect into young people’s interests, attention spans and wellbeing needs.

Our Connected Kids vision is that…

  • children learn to practise meditation skills as regularly as brushing their teeth!
  • la adults who teach them are heart-centered and develop their own personal meditation practice
  • we demistify what kids and adults think about meditation and how it should be
  • adults know how to trust their intuitive abilities to choose the mindful activity that feels right in that moment
  • we connect a community of heart-centered people who are passionate about teaching kids and teens.
  • we empower all young people with  mindful  skills  that  could  help  them make a future, life-saving  decision.

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Who is Lorraine Murray?

If you need to know more about me (and who isn’t a little bit nosey?)  Here’s some more information about my journey and the skills I bring to the Connected Kids programme.

  • Founder and CEO of worldwide Connected Kids programme ™
  • Autor de "Calm Kids: ayude a los niños a relajarse con actividades conscientes" ¡más de 30.000 libros vendidos en todo el mundo!
  • Autor de "Niños conectados: ayude a los niños a brillar a través de actividades conscientes" especializada en niños con autismo / tdah / necesidades especiales.
  • Aromaterapeuta clínico
  • Maestra de Usui Reiki
  • Tutor de meditación en la Facultad de Parapsicología
  • Indian Head Massage Trainer
  • Practicante de Técnicas de Libertad Emocional
  • Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Teacher
  • Tutor de meditación en el Centro de cáncer de Maggie
  • Entrenamiento de remedios florales de Bach
  • Terapeuta de remodelación interior basado en la atención plena
  • Practicante de Theta Healing
  • Terapeuta de 5 despertares (lidiando con trauma / bullying)
  • Foster mum since 2017

Recognition of Connected Kids

  • Ganadora del premio de plata de 'Mom's Choice' - 2013
  • Recibió el premio National Parenting Product Recognition Award en 2018.
  • Nursery World Awards 2019 - Premio de oro
  • Member of IMMA (International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance)


Connection to the Community

As a limited company, our services are important to society, as is our connection to the community.

RNLI supporters

Our main charity today is RNLI for 2021/22

For the last 20 years we have sponsored several orphaned children through SOS Children.

But we know that our connection to the world is important.  Which is why we continue to give, year in and year out to great causes.


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