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Say a little bit about your background and why you want to teach children/teens meditation professionally.
Mention what ages groups or specialties you have.
Include a quote from a client (child/adult) about your work
Mention any successes you have had.
Include your photo – people connect to people.
Don’t be too detailed – people can check you out on your website.
Ensure your facebook page/website is up to date!
Inform us of any changes to contact details asap – you could miss out!
Check out other Tutor’s profiles and see what makes them appealing.







tenga en cuenta – we only accept registrations from students who have completed the professional stage of the Programa de niños conectados and have a Professional Connected Kids Tutor Certificate.  If you have qualified please ensure your contact details are up to date.  If they are out of date or you don’t provide information we need to promote you, we’ll suspend the listing until this information is received.