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About the ‘Connected Kids’ book Connected Kids book - help with autism, adhd, trauma using mindful meditation skills - Connected Kids Smashwords Super Sale

Connected Kids is a practical and inspirational guide designed to help adults lead calming relaxation sessions for children and teens, particularly those with special educational needs (SEN) such as autism and ADHD.

This book offers a detailed meditation toolkit filled with practices and ideas that have been successfully used with young people of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers.

It connects the energy system to meditation practices combined with the science of why mindful meditation skills are effective for young people.

It forms the required reading of our professional (and accredited) Connected Kids program (see below).

Whether you’re seeking to support young people on the spectrum or those dealing with anxiety, “Connected Kids” offers a wealth of tools and techniques to promote relaxation and well-being.

If you prefer a paperback version (please note it isn’t free) you can buy it on Amazon.

Paperback version here

How the Connected Kids Program Can Help

For adults seeking to deepen their understanding and practice of these meditation skills and teach them to young people, the Connected Kids Program offers a comprehensive and supportive learning experience. This award-winning and accredited program provides practical tools and strategies for helping busy parents and child professionals.  It helps develop mindful practices and meditations, empowering adults to support children to teens have more peace and confidence.

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