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Course Schedule

We offer the Connected Kids programme through our award-winning and accredited online programme.

Online Training

Foundation – self study (start when you activate the modules)

Professional – self study (activate modules) and online classes – choose from


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“I know deep down this teaching impacted me deeply. Surprised in a sense of how personal the journey was into my own energy and meditation practice but equally surprised that I definitely did not know it all and needed the connections to be made by Alice.

Parts were difficult, parts were fun, parts were healing, parts were grounding….I love learning and Alice really did a super job. I am really proud of myself and excited to take this journey forwards…” 

Workshop Training

We also offer the programme through face to face workshops with carefully selected trainers – located in the UK and Europe.  Contact the trainers for specific dates.

Foundation – 1 day

      • Belfast –   May 2024
      • Scotland – April or July 2024
      • Barcelona – October 2024

Professional – 3 days

  • Belfast –   May 2024
  • Scotland – April or July 2024
  • Spain – October 2024

I work in a Primary school with children who have learning disabilities, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD… All children are often stressed about school work, social relations etc. and they don’t have the knowledge how to calm themselves. This course provides techniques that we use as adults to regulate ourselves and how can we help children. Mindfull tools that are adapted to a children’s point of view.  The trainer’s English is very clear as I, who don’t come from an English speaking country, could understand everything. I would recommend this course to parents and teachers

Connected Kids Trainers

Lorraine – program founder (online only) 


Alice – Scotland/Spain   

Connect with Alice

Tara – England

Connect with Tara

Ruth – Belfast/Dublin

Connect with Ruth






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