• A tutorial for parents or carers to specifically help young people find their inner calm
  • creating a practical toolbox of ideas for kids and teens





Guide your kids to their inner calm skills 

The inner calm meditation tutorial provides you with the skills to create a mini-toolkit of mindful ideas for your children and teens.

Enjoy lifetime access to a carefully curated resource that will help you learn why meditation helps children and young people find their inner calm and how to introduce this into your daily life with ease!

Our tutorial will help you add more ideas to your child’s inner calm skills:

  • Simple ways to help children practise meditation,
  • Encouraging interest and participation,
  • Common challenges and solutions,
  • Tips to get started
  • Bonus – how to create a virtual, inner calming box – for teens
  • Bonus – a meditation script to help young people be mindful with phones
  • Bonus – special offer on further training

Who can benefit?

This tutorial provides an easy, first step for parents, carers and anyone who wants to help their children and teens learn skills and discover their inner calm skills to reduce anxiety and stress.



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