Connected Kids Course Receives Award in Health and Wellbeing

Celebrating a momentous achievement in children’s mental health, we are thrilled to announce that our online Connected Kids Foundation course has been honoured with a prestigious Gold award in the health and wellbeing section by Nursery World! This recognition underscores the effectiveness of our program in promoting emotional wellness and resilience in children.

What makes Connected Kids special?

For over 20 years we have taught how to introduce mindfulness and meditation techniques tailored to children’s developmental stages. Our Connected Kids course empowers children with essential skills for emotional regulation, self-awareness, and empathy, giving them the skills to nurture emotional resilience.

Adaptable and Inclusive

We pride ourselves on the versatility of our program, adaptable to various settings such as classrooms, homeschooling curriculums, and home environments.  Connected Kids has always embraced inclusivity – catering to the diverse needs of children from all backgrounds, ages and abilities, including SEN.

Reflecting on this remarkable achievement, the Connected Kids founder, Lorraine E Murray shares,

Receiving the Gold award from Nursery World is a testament to the dedication and passion of our team at Connected Kids. We are immensely proud of this recognition and grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the emotional wellbeing of children globally. This award inspires us to continue our mission of empowering children with the tools they need to thrive in today’s world.

Nursery World Accolade

Receiving the Gold award from Nursery World, where winners are chosen by a distinguished panel of expert judges that represents the diversity of disciplines and organisations that make up the sector.   This accolade validates our commitment to excellence and motivates our mission to make a positive impact on children’s mental health worldwide.


Universal Gratitude

We give our heartfelt appreciation to Nursery World and all supporters who have championed our cause. It simply reinforces our dedication to advancing children’s emotional wellbeing through mindfulness and compassion.


Milestone moment

As we celebrate this milestone achievement, let’s stay connected and mindful in our pursuit of empowering children to flourish. Together, we can unlock the potential for wellness in every child’s life, shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

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