Festive meditations – kids to teens!

These meditations are no longer available for free (sorry).

But there’s still time to access these along with many other recorded meditations for kids/adults through our podcasts and meditation audios.

Or why not learn how to create your own meditations that will inspire young people through our  Connected Kids Foundation course?

Hot Chocolate Meditation

This is a 12 minute meditation that helps young people focus on the breath (a key grounding tool in teaching meditation) followed by an imaginary experience of drinking hot chocolate!  The power of the mind in the imagination can create this experience (and the benefits) and helps young people engage with something they enjoy!  

Top tip – once you’ve listened to this a few times, try again but using a real cup of hot chocolate – will help with self regulation skills and can support a young person to practise mindfulness during a regular, day-to-day activity.

Unicorn Meditation

This is a 12 minute meditation that helps young people use their imagination (a powerful tool of the mind) to imagine meeting a unicorn that gives them a special gift.  It helps young people engage with a wonderful moment of wonder and joy.

Top tip – after they use this meditation, use the crystal (mentioned in the recording) at night when they go to sleep.


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