Today I read an article  about someone in the States using a john franklinderogatory term for the President.  This term is an insult to people who have special needs.  However a Special Olympics athlete replied to the incident with a response that gave me chills – because it was so compassionate and kind – even in the face of such anger and sarcasm.  He signed  it as

“A friend you haven’t made yet, John Franklin Stephens”

I was so moved by this, because this is why we teach kids meditation.

Yes there are many benefits to our kids and teens (and us) learning meditation…

  • reducing stress
  • better sleep
  • more self esteem
  • improved studies through focus and concentration skills
  • feeling better with our happiness hormone – seratonin being produced naturally
  • more balanced energy
  • calmer …(need I go on?)

But what if the real reason was so that our children are kinder and compassionate to each other and themselves.

If we teach kids meditation, they then feel that connection with the world at large and as they grow up they decide to create ways/inventions to restore balance.

What if they could eliminate poverty, restore the earth’s balance, ensure that children after them have a safe, peaceful, contented life with the opportunities to learn, grow and help others in their community?

What if?

I have a strong, passionate  desire for this to happen which is why I teach what I teach.

I know that from my own experience of meditation I became a much nicer person.  I now make decisions  that help others.  I’m kind to myself.  I reach out to my community.

Meditation is more than just a mind control or stress-reducing method.  If we teach our kids, we will be helping future leaders and members of the community to embrace all living things.  We’ll share this world rather than try to dominate it.  We’ll have more peace within ourselves, the world and our communities.   We’ll love rather than hate.

What better reason is there than that?




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  1. “Meditate” or “Medicate” our Children? Our Government should implement meditation into our Schools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many of you out there agree!

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