As it is mental health awareness month…

…this arrived in my email inbox today.

It’s not a definitive list, but it’s a start to help us understand how kids communicate their stress.

How to identify when a child is feeling stress? When children are not able to adapt and cope with stress, they may respond in several ways.

Signs indicative of high levels of stress in children may include:

•Difficulty concentrating

•Withdrawal, avoidance, and/or refusal to engage in activities

• Irritability/Acting out

• Difficulty controlling their emotions

• Headaches, stomachaches, body pain

• Changes in sleep patterns

• Nightmares

• Changes in academic performance

• Regression to behaviors that they have outgrown such as bedwetting, thumb sucking, nail biting, etc.

• Bullying, lying, and being defiant towards adults

• Excessive worry and/or sadness

• Separation anxiety

• Unhealthy eating habits

• Using alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs

Read the full article here – signs of stress in kids

So what can you do?

Do you find this information helpful? If you have a question about this, please reach out and let us know. And our experience shows that teaching kids meditation that is tailored to their needs and level of stress, really helps.

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