Do you need to meditate to teach kids meditation?

We often have people who attend our connected kids courses without trying (or have little experience of) mindfulness and meditation.  We don’t discriminate anyone in this situation who wants to learn how to teach kids meditation.

But teaching kids meditation and learning for your own well being, goes hand in hand (which we teach in the our Connected Kids foundation course

In the meantime here is a wonderful introduction by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. and a strong advocate for mindfulness in our society. He talks about the non-judging attitude for mindfulness.


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Learn meditation – for you and your kids

If you are keen to learn how to Connect to your Kids through meditation then try our Connected Kids foundation course – online or in-class

Or find ideas and tips in our book Calm Kids (beginners) or Connected Kids (working with special needs/anxiety).


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