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The workshops will give you access to one of our qualified Connected Kids Trainers.

Each trainer brings their own unique, professional experience to the training course.

I work in a Primary school with children who have learning disabilities, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD… All children are often stressed about school work, social relations etc. and they don’t have the knowledge how to calm themselves. This course provides techniques that we use as adults to regulate ourselves and how can we help children. Mindfull tools that are adapted to a children’s point of view.  [The trainer] Tara’s English is very clear as I, who don’t come from an English speaking country, could understand everything. I would recommend this course to parents and teachers

You can view the foundation course syllabus which is identical to all teaching styles (online/workhops) of the Connected Kids programme.

1 training day
Certificate of completion
A choice of expert trainers
What a surprise the course was! For me, it reaffirmed the importance of offering meditation tools to children so they have an opportunity to learn calmness and presence. As [the trainer] Alice guides you through the course it’s clear that she loves what she does. I highly recommend Alice, for me it’s opened up an unknown world where I learnt how to approach meditation with a big dose of heart.
Options to learn in English/Spanish/Dutch/French
Venues in UK, Ireland, Spain & Switzerland
One payment of £199

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2023 Foundation Training Dates 

Connected Kids Trainer – Ruth Pringle 

Dublin – more dates coming soon

Belfast – Friday 2nd December 2022

Connect with Ruth

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Connected Kids Trainer – Tara Russo

*Nottingham – Sunday 5th March

or Sunday 11th June 2023

Connect with Tara

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Connected Kids Trainer – Alice Chinn

*Scotland  – Saturday 20th May 2023

Connect with Alice

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*Colchester –Katie Cody


Connect with Katie

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Switzerland – Elisabeth Van Passel (English/Dutch/French) 

Connect with Elisabeth

*If you work in schools, please check out our exclusive offer.

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Each trainer offers flexible terms and conditions - simply connect and they'll let you know how it works!

Or (with enough notice) you can switch to the self-paced, online course (or the online zoom class offered by that trainer)