Workshops in UK and Europe

Through our workshops, you will be guided by one of our expert Connected Kids Trainers who have taken the powerful journey of the Connected Kids programme.

These incredible trainers come with a variety of backgrounds – each bringing their own unique, professional experience to the training course (from early years to mental health practice).

“I work in a Primary school with children who have learning disabilities, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD… All children are often stressed about school work, social relations etc. and they don’t have the knowledge how to calm themselves. This course provides techniques that we use as adults to regulate ourselves and how can we help children. Mindfull tools that are adapted to a children’s point of view.  Tara’s English is very clear as I, who don’t come from an English speaking country, could understand everything. I would recommend this course to parents and teachers”

The (workshop) foundation course syllabus is identical to the online course, but this training gives you the opportunity to interact with meditation experts who are warm, lovely humans that share their stories and practical experiences of teaching children and teens meditation.

1 full day of training
12 CPD points
Certificate of completion
A choice of expert trainers
Venues in UK, Ireland and Spain
Lifetime support online
Investment of £199
Optional upgrade to professional level
Easy to learn and integrate into day to day life!

2022 Foundation Training Dates (in-person)

Connected Kids Trainer – Katie Cody

Colchester – Sunday 6th February 2022

Connect with Katie

Connected Kids Trainer – Ruth Pringle 

Belfast – Saturday 5th March 2022

Dublin – Saturday 7th May 2022

Connect with Ruth

Connected Kids Trainer – Lorraine Forsyth

Livingston – Saturday 12th March

Connect with Lorraine

Connected Kids Trainer – Tara Russo

Nottingham – Sunday 13th March 2022

Connect with Tara

Connected Kids Trainer – Alice Chinn

Barcelona – Saturday 21st May  (English & Spanish)

Connect with Alice


Connected Kids Trainer – Chris Maxwell

Edinburgh – More dates coming soon

Connect with Chris

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